Law and Freedom Foundation wins TWO MORE!!

Two more mosques busted by Gavin Boby!

Brilliant news.

From Law and Freedom Foundation:

Another Win – Chingford

By • on November 13, 2012

90-92 Chingford Mount Road, London E4 9AA

We’ll  keep doing this if you don’t grant planning permission!

A planning application was submitted for a mosque at No 90 and 92 Chingford Mount Road. No 90 was to go  from  a “book shop” (you know the routine) to a full mosque, and be extended to No 92. More than doubling its size, to a total of 148 square metres, or 1,600 square feet.

The Applicants said that otherwise they would have to pray in the street.

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Mosques: the Nag Factor (but we win another one, anyway)

By • on November 13, 2012

Pester power works on Homer, but not us

Sometimes mosque-fightin’ is like an episode of the Simpsons. The opportunistic caricatures that present the applications, the gullible simplicity of the Councils that lap it up, and the spiteful narcissism of the community organisers and journalists. all play their part in this absorbing pageant of human nature.

But the most amusing thing is the juvenile pester power that mosque outfits employ. It goes something like this: apply; apply again; if refused, apply again; apply again with a glossy traffic report; get angry (but apply again); finally, if all else fails, apply again.

The fewer comparisons made between Council planners and Homer Simpson, the better. But mosque promoters are obviously avid students of Bart and Lisa, who know something about the Nag Factor.

This was the routine with our latest win: 7 Carlisle Road, in Brent.

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8 thoughts on “Law and Freedom Foundation wins TWO MORE!!

  1. it appears that telling the truth can be benificial!
    i wonder if we could persuade the politicians and media to try that technique.

  2. Michael Laudahn, it is probably because this costs money, my understanding is that in Britain the loser pays the legal bills of both sides while in the US everyone pays their own. Thus in nations where the loser pays you have to have a very good case or a lot of money to be able to sue, in the US you only need the money.

  3. Richard/Michael,

    You’ve got the wrong end of the stick on this. There are no courts involved at all. This is all about local planning rules as defined by local councils. It’s about gaming their system, essentially, and showing the mosque plan breaks their planning rules and regulations. Combined with locals objecting to the plans as well, they refuse it.

  4. Well, Gavin, I believe, is scheduled to come to Canada and talk. He may have a few meetings with local planning lawyers here as well, so we should know for a fact soon enough how the procedure varies. I believe that Canada is similar to the UK in terms of having planning councils that have fairly banal criteria upon which things are decided, but that Muslims have screwed up due to fear and PCness. A great example is the Orleans Mosque in Ottawa that was granted a building permit despite not having parking as all the churches are forced to have, based on X # of seats within the church per/spots of parking required.

    Well, as people sit on the floor in a beachhead and no seats are required, they waved the requirement for parking and the mosque can be built and the muslims will of course, use the grocery store parking across the street.

    So you see the problem…

    We need a Gavin Boby in every city.

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