Excerpts from the interview of left wing extremist, Andrew Norfolk journalist, by the Sikh Awareness Society in the UK

In truth I doubt he is a left wing extremist. But I think its high time these assholes get a taste of their own medicine as they are so used to calling classical liberals like Tommy Robinson or Geert Wilders “far right extremists”

The whole interview is here.

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15 thoughts on “Excerpts from the interview of left wing extremist, Andrew Norfolk journalist, by the Sikh Awareness Society in the UK

  1. Yes Bains, the BNP tried to tell people but were shunned because they were overtly racist, with an intolerant attitude which echoed islamic intolerance for non muslims. This enabled the media to demonize the BNP and should serve as a warning so others don’t make the same mistake.

    Supremacist attitudes are repugnant and were the downfall of the BNP and will eventually be the downfall of Islam. Any group which derives power from oppressing others who are different because of their skin colour, ethnicity, or religion, will always repel decent people.

    Islam may have enjoyed success by promoting such idea but the true nature of islam is fast being exposed, and when it is, decent people continue to oppose the evil message it contains

  2. Citing the “fear” of racism is preposterous! What about the rights of the victims or did they have any? Anyway, the purpose of the Race Relations legalization is not to protect or give cover to rapists/pedophiles or predatory scum of any stripe. Such claims undermine the rule of law itself awhile enforcing a breakdown of Western style civilized standards and values. The fact is the ruling elite worked side by side with the opportunist, Islamic mullahs to accommodate the barbaric Sharia where Non Muslim women and children are considered as nothing more than
    PREY! The backward MC polices are are equally as antagonistic and hostile to women rights as is Islamic Sharia. .
    The only way forward is political. However, nothing can be done politically unless the voting system is changed!!!

  3. Bains it has been a long time since people were taught to be honest “give the devil his due” by admitting when they are correct.

    Eeyore you’re right it is nice to see a journalist treated like they treat other people.

  4. Oogenhand ‘’Should we treat the BNP like the UAF does, or be treated like the supremacists of Islam?!

    No we shouldn’t. I believe many BNP members are decent patriotic people who joined the only political party that cared to address legitimate concerns about mass immigration and the spread of Islamic ideology and culture while our own culture was being deliberately undermined.

    So no, we shouldn’t treat them as if they were mindless racists because for the most part, I don’t believe they are, and we shouldn’t regard them as supremacist totalitarians either. We should treat them as ordinary people who are frustrated and angry about the mess this country finds itself in, thanks to the meddling of multi cult fools and treacherous lefties.

    Bains ‘’Tarbock .Your political likes or dislikes are irrelevant …….They were correct!’

    You might be misreading my political likes or dislikes but anyway, I’m not arguing about whether the BNP were correct or not, I’m saying what’s the use of being correct when you’re dead?

    As a political party BNP are dead in the water, and that’s thanks largely to the poor presentation of their argument their overtly racist stance, and the calibre of its leadership.

    Had they campaigned on a platform of patriotic cultural nationalism that didn’t stigmatize people because of their skin colour, they would have fared much better. That type of racism is no longer acceptable or even legal, and it doomed the BNP who couldn’t escape the stigma that attached to them

    Yes they deserve credit for speaking out on issues everyone else ran away from, and as a campaigning movement, they may do further good by continuing to speak out, but as a political party with hopes of gaining office, they can forget it.

  5. Tarbock I don’t know much about the BNP so I will take your word that the leaders were racists at some point, what you said about the ordinary people is something I have been predicting, teh ordinary people will join any group that is addressing their problems without paying attention to what the other goals are. The BFP seems to be a non racist party that is addressing the same problems but are experiencing problems because the powers that be are labeling them racist.

    What I am afraid of is that the continued mislabeling of people as racist is going to breed massive racism in all Western nation, eventually the people who are wrongly being labeled racist are going to decide, if I have the name I may as well have the game.

  6. I think the BNP was not racist in anyway. I find BNP were too timid and they were swamped by the more aggressive hordes of massive numnbers of non-whites(who have financial clout to silence frees peech) in UK who failed to acknowlege their non-white negative influence.

  7. If you want to defuse charges of racism, don’t call yourself English or British, but United Kafir Front, Together Against Islam, or something like that.
    Don’t call for immigration restriction or repatriation, but seriously consider what you are going to do with Muslim women. After all, Muslims would enslave non-Muslim women.

  8. bains – No apology is necessary. I’m a little blunt at times which can be taken the wrong way, but we all know that anyone who opposes Islam or its culture risks being called a bigot, a racist, or an islamophobe,

    For that reason and others including the fact that racism is not acceptable in ethnically enriched countries like Britain I believe its counter productive and harms the cause when racism becomes part of the tactics used to defend western values or the interests of British people. Some of whom may well have ancestors from different parts of the globe..

    Restricting membership of the party to “indigenous British” people until being legally obliged to change this in 2010, stigmatized the BNP as a racist party who couldn’t be trusted to protect the interests of anyone who wasn’t an indigenous Brit. Alienating thousands, perhaps millions of possible supporters is not a wise tactic for a political party.

    As a pressure or a campaign group fighting for the rights of indigenous people, that stance might be workable and acceptable, but for a political party hoping to gain power, it was electoral suicide deterring possible supporters of all backgrounds, and providing damaging ammunition for attacks by the media and the left. I blame the leadership for those failings, not the bulk of ordinary people who joined because no one else was prepared to address their legitimate concerns.

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