Repeat of the antisemitism of op cast lead in 2008. But less subtle.

Not that I would call chants of “Hamas Hamas, jews to the gas” subtle. But emboldened by the lack of meaningful consequences, we see events like this.

Frankly, the blatant antisemitism is no more shocking to me than the notion that people holding a public demonstration object to being filmed. In Toronto of course we see the actual municipal police enforcing that anti-right when its muslims demonstrating. But this requires a complete rewrite of the definition of the word, ‘public’ as well as the word, ‘demonstration’. And why not. We seem to be redefining most important concepts for the occasional convenience of Muslims among us anyway.

H/T Jihad Watch

     Vicious attack at the anti-Israeli demonstration in San Francisco Nov 16 2012

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4 thoughts on “Repeat of the antisemitism of op cast lead in 2008. But less subtle.

  1. I agree with Richard, it reminds me of Nazi Germany. Well, most of those attendees on the pro-fakestinian side are islamonazis, are they not? Read your history books people. Stand up now , before it’s too late.

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