Female teacher of Islamic religious education wants homosexuals to be incinerated.

Translation by Hermes

From GGG:

‘She had been for a long time near to Mecca and has lost sense, this is what we can say“

A female teacher of Islamic religious education is causing stir with her declarations. As reported by “Der Standard”, the woman has, while giving a lesson on religion, allegedly declared among other things that homosexuals should be incinerated.

Allegedly she also explained to her pupils that the black sea is the upside down hell in which homosexuals lie by thousands. When speaking with Anna Strümpel, the journalist from “Der Standard”, the teacher did not deny these declarations, but she did not wish to be quoted.

Currently she teaches a dozen of pupils in 2 classes. One of the pupils reported about these declarations to the directorship of the school, but it has not reacted to them. The Islamic Religious Community in Austria knows about the opinions of the teacher. But before making any declaration to “Der Standard” regarding this issue, “an in-depth conversation with her” would be desirable.

The Islamic Religious Community presumes that after having spent a whole year near to Mecca, she has lost sense of what one can say in a western society”

Niko Alm, the chairman of the organization for those not tied to any confession, demands that the teacher be removed from her duty, and to consider filing a complaint for hate speech. He commented to “Der Standard” that the declarations of the teacher are “superstitions and nonsenses”.

Some 430 teachers of Islamic religions teach in Austria. The majority of them deliver their lessons impeccably. Cases like that of the criticized teacher are individual ones.



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4 thoughts on “Female teacher of Islamic religious education wants homosexuals to be incinerated.

  1. So in Mecca teaching children who can be burnt alive is acceptable.

    I know, to “lose sense” of what to say in different countries – it could happen to anyone, couldn’t it?

    Another free pass for Islamic barbarism.

  2. Hey, “Queers for Palestine” and “Queers against “Israeli Apartheid”……..PAY ATTENTION. They not only want you hanged, stoned and thrown from tall buildings, they now want to incinerate you. What will it take to make you see the writing on the wall? Does that wall have to be in a muslim prison while you await execution?

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