Michigan church bans Islamic prayer from service

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This one is  jolly good laugh. ‘Islamophobia watch’ is lamenting that a Christian church has banned a muslim prayer and claiming it is an actual diagnosis of mental illness that they fail to allow islamic values to be included, or perhaps replace Christian ones.

Somehow I doubt this organization would bother if a mosque refused to allow a Christian to include the notion of Christ’s divinity or even crucifixion to be included in a session of arse lifting.

Islamophobia Watch:

The word seemingly came out of the blue:

Choral director Jeffrey Cobb told his singers and orchestra – roughly 180 local adults and teens drawn from college, a high school, and churches – that a pastor barred an Islamic prayer from the piece they planned to sing.

Their concert was to be performed the next day, on Veterans Day, at First Congregational Church in Traverse City for the annual Mel Larimer Concert Series.

Pastor David Walls and other church officials wanted nothing to do with the Islamic Call to Prayers portion of the performance. They did not want to offend their congregation and military veterans they planned to honor that day, church leaders said.

A shock wave rippled through the choir during their tune-up at the church, and no one took the jolt harder than Alya Nadji, 16, a Muslim and member of the Traverse City West High School Chorale.

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4 thoughts on “Michigan church bans Islamic prayer from service

  1. Normally I do not thank churches being an Atheist and all. Yet I do want to thank Choral director Jeffrey Cobb, and the First Congregational Church in Traverse City for banning Islamic garbage from their concert and service. I would also like to thank them for their reason for banning Islamic songs, so as not to offend Military Veterans.
    As a disabled Veteran who served in both Iraq & Afghanistan among other places in defense of the United States along with the rest of the free world. I am very glad to see a church take a firm stand against a so called religion(Islam) who in reality has no respect for Christians, Jews, Non Believers, etc. Sadly I read too many times where representatives of the Christian faith have bent over backwards to appease Muslims.

    While I do not believe in Christianity nor any other religion I really have no interest in arguing about Atheism. I only exposed that I am an Atheist to explain where my beliefs lie.
    So once again congratulations to the First Congregational Church in Traverse City for using common sense and showing respect for Veterans.

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