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7 thoughts on “Al Jazeera complains about Israeli targeting of Hamas strategic assets

  1. Sadly, the biggest joke of all… to us Canadians is this disgusting bogus so called news station, that all the islamics wack off too, and is highly watched here in Canada by all the islamics as well as many others because it is carried as a regular station on all cable networks, making it very accessible to viewers in Canada.

    This along with the crackpot CBC and the biased CTV and Global, it is very difficult to get out the facts on any situation involving Israel although it has got better since Harper and his posse took over with their outspoken support for Israel, the only civilized democratic country in the entire middle east,

    but we still have to rely on the hideous, lying savages who control the propaganda from gaza to get any facts at all on what is going on there…

  2. Al Jazeera would leave the Goebbels Propaganda machine for dead. I am seething that my tax dollar pays for them, because our National broadcasters in Australia, ABC and CBS use this disgusting propagandist for terrorism as their “news sources”. When the little Jewish children were massacred by the Arab Jihadist Mohamed Merah in Toulouse France, he filmed as he pulled the face of the little 8 y.o. girl – who was trying to run for her life – towards the camera and shot her point blank in the face. After he had committed suicide by cops, some accomplice (his brother is suspected) sent the film to Al Jazeera, who have, of course, also a big office in Paris. The strings of Al Jazeera being pulled in Saudi Arabia who finances global terrorism, Sarkozy, the then French President had to go begging to them, so that they (Al Jazeera) would not publish this “snuff movie” as they had intended, while the bodies of those 3 little Jewish children (3, 6 and 8) were still warm.
    I don’t know what or how much he paid to Al Jazeera for this “privilege”

    And this mob are pretending to inform????? They indoctrinate the uninformed masses!

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