Aix Faculty student had beaten his prof, judging him to be ‘anti-islamic’

Translation by Michael Laudahn:

From La Provence:

Ali has been excluded from higher education and condemned by the tribunal

‘I have accepted, under threat, that police wrote what they wanted’, stated Ali in a blaming tone.

The young defendant expresses himself slowly, in a voice not always audible, his eyes gazing and his finger sometimes pointing. Ali El Boustati is sinister. This is what the tribunal says, and also the public prosecutor, like also Yvon Berland, president of the university of Aix-Marseille, who has prohibited him in the spring of 2012 from participating for 30 days in the ‘master monde [= world] musulman’ course, when he had beaten an instructor, FrÈdÈric Imbert.

Shortly after, the faculty’s disciplinary council decided to bar him during 5 years from higher education in France, and the Aix public prosecutor’s office to send him to face the correctional tribunal, for having committed violence and expressed death threats against a person executing his duty as a public servant.

Ali, living in Aix, has clearly dedicated himself to an intellectual war against everyone  – according to his perception, which arises questions seen from the point of view of psychiatrists who examined him and who speak of a ‘psycho-rigid’ young man – verbally maltreated his moslem bretheren or his religion.

This was the case, according to him, with his professor of arabic grammar, ‘and that since a long time’, as he states at the bar. ‘During his courses, Monsieur Imbert permits himself to insult the moslems’, assures the defendant, ‘he makes his anti-islam propaganda, this is unacceptable, and moreover, I have already made a protocol of events in september 2011’.

After having reproached his prof several times, Ali has thus ‘avenged’ himself physically, on 14 march, by inflicting upon him a kick against his chin, while FrÈdÈric Imbert was siting in the class.

The young man bluntly denies these acts of violence, like the antisemite aftertaste mails blamed on him. Judge Borresi lectures him. ‘Responding to a mail from Philippe Cassuto, directeur de master, who forbade you to set your feet into the course, you wrote: ‘I do not like the unjustified orders, even less if they come from a pork’. Then, a few days later, still replying, you threatened: ‘It’s enough now, or I will make a shoah’, the [tribunal] president reads.

Before the lecture of these more than shocking passages, he had confirmed his email address, but finally at the end of the session denied his authorship, ‘advising’ the tribunal to investigate.

Another change of mind, he had especially confirmed the kick, during police detention. ‘I accepted, under threat, that police wrote whatever they wanted’, states he, in an again blaming tone.

His digital writings have led prosecutor Gosselin to qualify Ali as antisemite, which led to a near incident in court when Ali tried to fly in his face during the exercise of his duties – and that the prosecutor ordered him to ‘stop it’. ‘This is an insult, I will press charges against you’, did not hesitate to say this young man of not quite 22 years.

‘Be aware of what he said to his directeur de master: ‘When will you stop your tragic comedies, of which the last one was this morning’, the day of the killings committed by Mohamed Merah in Toulouse…’, stated then Me [maÓtre = lawyer] Benayhoun, representing the joint plaintiffs.

Ali, without a lawyer, has been condemned to 1 year of prison with probation, and prohibited to attend the faculty. He announced his intention to appeal once the consultation has been done.


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11 thoughts on “Aix Faculty student had beaten his prof, judging him to be ‘anti-islamic’

  1. Cut off his balls. Or his hand. We need a two-tiered law system, the reverse of the present system. An oil boycot would hurt the Muslims in Europe as well, and a crash of the world economy would make the shares of the oil sheiks in companies worthless. And, in addition, they will be tortured forever after they die.

  2. Isn’t it depressing reading the same type of story all over Europe and few if any in government or the media link the dots and traces the problem back to the source – Islam.

    I dread the future in store for my grandchildren

  3. The world, I would say, is heading inexorably toward a day when Muslims and Infidels are spread out everywhere, then there will be a war more terrible than any in history, as neighbor fights neighbor and brother fights brother, as the free and prosperous West turns into India. The politicians can see this but are safe in the knowledge that they will be dead in their graves when it all comes to pass, so they don’t care about it now.

    Wonderful! So, our great-grandchildren are going to be hopelessly in debt and at war with the guy across the street. The media/Muslim/leftist block seem determined to bring this about and they are far too powerful to resist. They will win and we will lose…

  4. This will only get worse as their percentage of population grows in the West. Get to the magic 40% and it’s a bloodbath. It has always been so.

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