Some links and news for Nov 18 2012

1. An evil dick gets his bloody comeuppance in Ireland.

2. Toronto Sun article on ‘Honour killings’. Quite well done.

3. These Irish fascists should probably have consulted this man’s patients before attacking him for being ethnically Chinese.

4. BNI chronicles a few attacks on people protecting dogs as well as attacks on dogs themselves. It should be remembered that a huge part of Islam is obligatory hatred. Jews, Dogs, Christians etc. These are things you must hate to follow the example of the pirate Mohamed.

5. OIC takes the Burmese muslim issue to the U.N. (article features one of the best signs I have ever seen at a protest)










6. Interesting interview with Alan West on vote fraud, Benghazi and more.

7. Israel returns fire to Gaza, shoots down incoming missile fired at Tel Aviv

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6 thoughts on “Some links and news for Nov 18 2012

  1. But note: Muslims will say Mohammed cannot be a pirate because he cuts off the hands of (other) thieves. The counter is easy: If someone burglarizes the store of someone who pays his pizzo, the Mafia will take steps against him, and punishes him more harshly than the official justice system. Most criminals don’t want competition. Shari’a isn’t unique.
    The case of the Chinese doctor does teach us that one shouldn’t mix up dislike of Islam with general immigration restrictionism.

  2. The article on honor killing is very good and everyone should read it.

    The people who beat the women trying to protect a puppy should be executed for their barbarity, it is the only thing they will understand and the only thing that stands a chance in stopping others from repeating the crime.

    I love the sign in the article about Burma.

  3. There is very little more satisfying than hearing about a an evil monster who has his comeuppance! Glad to read that the guy in Ireland was bitten by that dog.

  4. Abu Qatada intends to sue for £10million says his family: Hate preacher wants compensation for years spent behind bars

    Abu Qatada has told his family that he plans to sue the British government for £10million for ‘unlawful detention’.

    The hate preacher has said he wants compensation for his ‘extended mistreatment’ after a judge released him from jail last week and blocked his deportation to Jordan to face terror charges.

    Qatada was awarded a far smaller payout from the European Court of Human Rights three years ago after judges ruled he had been unfairly detained in Belmarsh high security jail without trial.

    […]His brother, Ibrahim Othman, said: ‘He said he hopes to get £10million for being wrongly put in jail.

    Mr Othman said that if Qatada was successful he hoped to spend the money on a new house in Jordan, if he is allowed to return without facing trial, and also invest it into an Islamic charity to help poor people in the country.

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