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14 thoughts on “On Israeli attacks on Gazanian media centers

  1. If the wanted them to be in the Middle Ages don’t drop any bombs at all. In attitudes anyway they are already there. As for the technology they possess that’s all bought with money supplied by the West anyway.

  2. yes Runner 7500…agreed. This idiot posts on cbc comments under the name J-Practical and only makes posts in support of the world criminal country Israel. If you ever see the postings of this jackass, you will see that he/she does NOT enjoy support from decent Canadians.

  3. To whom to you refer Bruno? I know J practical quite well. He is very far from an idiot and Israel is the only country in the area not particularly criminal. But all that aside, what do you post at CBC?

  4. Jeremy:

    As they have had repeated attempts at a country, many chances to have peace and even more prosperity than they enjoy now under UN largesse etc. and have blown it every single time I don’t feel they should get to name their own territory until they can actually live up to a single agreement they make.

    So I’ll refer to the area as Gazania, and for those old enough to remember the Flintstones, the head of Hamas is the great Gazoo.

  5. Hello there….

    What is coming through with painful clarity is the success of the Israeli public information campaign.

    In years past there has been little effort to counter the Palestinian and Arab propaganda and rhetoric and this has played very badly in Israel’s favour.

    Now the IDF and the Israeli government have obviously given very careful thought to countering the propaganda and wrestling from the hands of the terrorists the weapon/tool of Public Opinion.

    And, as you can see, its working brilliantly, the Palestinians are losing the information war.

    Shipments of fresh fruit and food, medicine and essential services are being shown shipped in to Gaza in spite of the rockets they continue to fire.

    The Israeli weapons strikes have been surgical and highly effective. The compassion shown by the Israelis in warning the civilians before hand….all of this is killing the disinformation and propaganda of the ASrabs and they are getting desperate….all around the world people are getting the truth and they are saying, wait a minute!!!…..what the Gazan’s are saying and the reality don’t match.

    You can even see the frustration and anger displayed by the press as its no longer business as usual.

    The Israeli’s have cleaned up their act and are listening to some very brilliant and highly skilled people who have steered the course of this confrontation in their favor.


  6. Hostile, nasty interview. You can refute the libels over and over and over, RT is biased and has shown us that they are no more than a propaganda outlet for the jihad.

  7. Ok, time to vent a bit of anger….

    the Israelis explain themselves logically and truthfully. The IDF spokeswoman explained that Hamas were using electrical stuff.

    OK, Hamas you fuckwits. The only reason that you use sophisticated electrical stuff is that the rest of the World created them. You Muslim fuckwits probably don’t even understand the how the wheel works. It was a sad day when oil was discovered in the Arab desert toilet. You’re lucky that you have technology at all. One day the Israelis will invent technology that will fry your medieval butts and you will be so shocked, that your superstitious little pea-brains will think that genies are possessing your multiple-raped arses!
    How primitive sewer-rats like yourselves could even attempt to attack Israel is beyond all logic. The only reason that you fire rockets into Israel is because someone infinitely smarter than yourselves invented the rocket in the first place. Go back to drinking camel piss, you horrible little shit stains!

    Smug little imbeciles like the journalist in this video are in for a big surprise. One day they will be crying for their mothers like toddlers. The Palestinians have no respect for you, so don’t respect them, you disgusting little gutter-snipes. Whilst you are jerking yourselves off to Muslim supremacy, you’re slowly eroding away at your own liberties. What is really pathetic though is that you don’t even realise it. Now that is sad, really, really sad!

  8. Finally someone on our side understanding the infowar and trying to use it to our advantage, the last war the west did this in was WWII, after that they seem to have lost their memory of how to fight an infowar.

  9. She certainly had her work cut out to rectify the unfair bias the reporter put on every aspect of the situation. She managed quite well too, but she ought to have challenged him when he said Hamas was organizing civilians as human shields but then went on to illogically accuse Isreal of using those civilians as human shields.

    Whether he was being stupid or simply confused is hard to know,but she should have put him right immediately as to who was using civilians in that way.

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