Minibus ‘hit by grenade’ in Kenya’s capital Nairobi


Residents look for survivors inside minibus wreckage, Nairobi, Kenya, 12 November 2012 Recent attacks in Nairobi and Mombasa have been blamed on Somali militants

A blast has killed at least six people on a crowded minibus passing through a suburb of Kenya’s capital, Nairobi, that has a large Somali population.

A grenade was thrown into the vehicle in the Eastleigh area, police said, ripping the roof and sides off the bus.

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2 Responses to Minibus ‘hit by grenade’ in Kenya’s capital Nairobi

  1. Martin says:

    Bomb explodes near Anderson Cooper live broadcast from Gaza :)

  2. Richard says:

    Welcome to the real world, this is going to continue for a long time.

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