Cool footage of the IDF destroying Gazanian comm equipment

H/T Martin

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13 Responses to Cool footage of the IDF destroying Gazanian comm equipment

  1. Richard says:

    They are going to have a fun time trying to replace those antennas,

  2. OxAO says:

    That fist video was great. “we were surprised that Israel attacked Journalist”

    Israel knows their enemy

  3. Martin says:

    IDF spokesperson explains media center rocket attack :

  4. Martin says:

    Berlin – Nov 18th :

  5. Martin says:

    Berlin 2 : Peaceful protesters get violent :

  6. cjk says:

    I just hope those stations were fully manned when they were hit.

  7. Martin says:

    Pro Israel Rally in Berlin :

    pics on the page :

  8. Richard says:

    If that was the main com center for Hamas it was manned, main com centers are always manned.

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