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20 thoughts on “Today in Stockholme Sweden

  1. What an incredibly ugly bunch of you know whats… I bet if that was a crowd of people protesting the fact that the Hamas mongrels had fired rockets into? Israel some Muslim mongrels would have planted roadside bombs along the side of the road… Only Western Christian morality prevents us from doing to them exactly what they would do to us…

  2. Inform people whever this stuff comes up. And post to Facebook etc –

    These are NOT palestinian protestors, they are NOT peace protestors. They are protesting only for Hamas. These are PRO war protestors.

    Hamas has nothing to do with the Palestinian Authority or the majority of Palestinian People.

    Hamas threw Palestinian Authoirity police off of buildings a few years back when they took over Gaza by force.

    Hamas has the same relationship to the current government of Egypt that the Contras had to Reagans White house. That’s one of the reasons they fought with the PA (librals might apreciate that). They represent Egyptian and Terrorist interests, not the palestinians. They are in fact acting as a foreign occupyer.

    Notice how small these protests really are. That’s because most palestinians now despise Hamas.

    In case you didn’t know, Hamas is a sister organization of Al Quada.

  3. I am very serious. I think those are all very good arguments to make to libral or unsure people and should be plastered all over Facebook.

  4. OT I just saw a briefing by Raymond Stock on youtube (You’ve probably seen it too but I’m alerting you in case you haven’t). It’s long but in it he shows how the Egytpian Secualrists were actually working directly with The Muslim Brotherhood long before the revolution. AND that at least one of them was really a Muslim Brotherhood operative. It shows how the MB was directly involved in all this from the get go. It also makes some good arguments suggesting our president was directly involved.

    It shows that the “libral secuarlists” were not exactly as libral or secularist as they want us to believe because they were motivated by a hatred for Israel and the Camp David Peace accords – and that was why they teamed up with the Muslim Brotherhood to oust Murburak in the first place.

    Afraid to copy the link as I don’t want the vid to come up here but search on youtube for:

    Raymond Stock: The Arab Spring & Egypt’s Nuclear Weapons Program

    He discusses their nuclear program but the stuff I mentioned is of more current relevance- so you might wish to edit a video from it.

  5. OxAO. Their strategy doesn’t rely upon winning on the battlefield on their own (but you probably already know that). They goad Israel into responding for the purpose of generating propoganda and sympathy.

    These protestors are THE REAL BATTLE. That means WE are the actual soldiers this time.

    So post your thoughts and responces to this all over social media forums.

    One of the reasons they incited this round is that people have lost interest in their cause. They are using this to drum up propoganda to get some sympathy and support from the gullable and fire up resentment in the Arab world again, which has been fading.

    If we look at what’s been going on in Egypt (in particular what is discussed in the vid I posted about above) it looks as if some time in the future Hamas will start some crap again in order to give Egypt a pretext to start an outright war.

    So Israel needs to boot Hamas out of Gaza sooner rather than later or it will be instumental in starting an Egyptian – Israeli war AND make all of Gaza a forward firing position for the Egyptian Army.

  6. Truthiocity I would like to help Israel as much as i could but their own people by a 2/3’s margin just voted in Osama twice

    If they cannot get their own people to see the dangers they are screwed

  7. They love dictators, anytime, any where, anyone will do. In fact, they worship them and if they did not have a dictator, or a strong man they would manufacture or invent one. Simply give them freedom and they will immediately vote a dictator into power. The more scurrilous the dictator the better, so gullible an pitiless are they! That is what these far left fascists and their supporters have in common with the Palis and their supporters- the spirit of servility as opposed to the spirit of liberty.!

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