BBC runs with faked Palestinian injury footage

Stunning really.

Here is the link: to the blog that busted them.

And another link to a BBC story that claims Israel has bombed Gaza headquarters. Could be true but its BBC so you only really know one thing…

The little boys who get the coffee and crumpets for the staff are very nervous at all times.

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3 thoughts on “BBC runs with faked Palestinian injury footage

  1. I found this news at a french site first. Looking the event up again I now find this article by AFP ,

    where it also says:

    Le quartier-général a été complètement détruit et des maisons voisines ont été endommagées suite au bombardement barbare d’Isaël, a assuré à l’AFP un responsable du mouvement palestinien.


    The headquarters have been completely destroyed and neighbouring buildings damaged, following the barbarian bombardement carried out by Israel, a responsible speaker of the palestine movement assured AFP.

    More such articles can be found.

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