Today’s game: Guess the IQ of the Canadian bureaucrat

This article is a great example of ‘competing rights’ and despite what the head of the ‘human rights commission’ says, there most certainly is a hierarchy of them. Anyone who has a flip through the case histories will rapidly find out what they are. And this case will prove difficult to them as lesbians have to be very close to Muslims in the ranking by the ”Methinks the woman doth protest too much” Barbara Hall.

To save you the time though, Muslims can do pretty much anything they want in the name of their religion and anyone who criticizes what they do or what they say, will likely find themselves in front of their august board facing 100K worth of legal bills if they choose to fight or paying off people who should really be in jail for genuine incitement and hate crimes with their partners, the HRC, who should really be in jail for extortion.

Click over for the interview with the HRC head. Its like watching an audition tape for the special olympics.

H/T Michael Laudahn:


Woman denied haircut, files human rights complaint.

Published Thursday, Nov. 15, 2012 10:04PM EST
Last Updated Thursday, Nov. 15, 2012 10:43PM EST

Barbers in Toronto who refused to cut a woman’s hair have become the target of a human rights complaint, in a case that pits religious freedom against gender equality.

When Faith McGregor went into the Terminal Barber Shop requesting a short haircut, she was told the shop only grooms men.

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The reason, co-owner Omar Mahrouk said, was that as a Muslim he could not cut the hair of a woman who was not related to him.


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7 Responses to Today’s game: Guess the IQ of the Canadian bureaucrat

  1. Hmm, that’s an unusual variation of the theme…..

  2. Santor says:

    “When Faith McGregor went into the Terminal Barber Shop requesting a short haircut, she was told the shop only grooms men.”

    Hmmm, but in England muslim male gladly groom young girls, no questions asked!

  3. DP111 says:

    This woman is lucky. She could quite easily have had more then hair cut.

  4. BL@KBIRD says:

    Now we get to see the Feminist movement humbled and destroyed by Islam!

    Like the lady said, no right supersedes the other. So the side that offers intimidation, God and violence will win every time. Go Leafs! Ha ha ha!

  5. DaninVan says:

    At the CTV link…
    “If I wanted to have a specialized business geared just towards men that wanted hot razor shaves and cuts, why not,” said Sean Gibson of the Ontario Barber Association.

    But McGregor disagrees and is hoping to force the shop to service women too.”

    Heh…I thought bawdy houses were illegal?

  6. Richard says:

    In guessing the IQ can we use negative numbers?

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