Riots Outside Main Rome Synagogue


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Protesters chant anti-Semitic slogans outside Rome synagogue

November 15, 2012

ROME (JTA) — Protesters chanted anti-Semitic and pro-Palestinian slogans outside the main Rome synagogue during mass student protests that turned violent.

Tens of thousands of people in dozens of Italian cities reportedly took part in strikes and demonstrations Wednesday protesting the economic situation and other issues.

In Rome, thousands of high school and university students staged marches through the city center, blocking traffic. Police chased some marchers into the old Jewish Quarter, according to reports.

Rome Jewish community President Riccardo Pacifici said that some of the demonstrators waved Palestinian flags while hooting and shouting anti-Jewish slogans outside the Great Synagogue of Rome.

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6 thoughts on “Riots Outside Main Rome Synagogue

  1. I have been posting the following to all the British news publications that have been complacent or reluctant in reporting any negative stories about Islam and Muslim immigration. Within the past few days these same publications have changed tact. They have for once allowed comments on Muslim related articles in a new way. I have been posting this in an effort to not only put wind in their sails, but to get them to reconsider their stance on the whole issue of Europe and make these same editors think harder.

    This is the post I have been sending:

    “This does seem to be a troubling issue for both Israel and possibly the wider world.
    I also need to ask, giving the Islamic populations in the UK, France, Germany, Holland, Begium, and many other Euro nations, do you think we would be able to assist the Israelis without placing our own countries at risk?

    It only took an estimated 3000 people during the London riots to cripple the police and city for 3 days. There are well over 150,000 Muslims in East London alone. That would not even take into account Birmingham or other cities to the north. 1% are thought to possibly be “extremist” that would make 1500 in East London alone! And we all know how precise government numbers are, don’t we, maybe they are overestimated?

    That would make a “coalition of the willing” to assist a potentially dangerous enterprise. Would you like your armed forces deployed when you know it may create civil strife at home? Would you like your family to find out first hand who is, or may not be peaceful?

    Just some thoughts based on facts.”

    The modern mainstream media I consider an enemy and I am not above kicking them when their down. I also will always use “leftist” methods against them, they work. Like it or not Saul Alinsky and the Frankford School were bloody geniuses. Use it against them, they have no defence.

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