Morsi warns Israel will pay heavy price

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Egyptian president sharpens his tone against Israel, threatening: ‘If I see the homeland in danger, I won’t hesitate to take unusual steps.’ He vows that his country will ‘stop this brutal aggression’

Roi Kais

Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi sharpened his tone against Israel on Friday, while Palestinian terrorists continued to fire rockets into southern Israel and Tel Aviv.

After concluding the Friday prayer at a mosque in Cairo, Morsi warned Israel of the consequences of its strikes in Gaza. According to the al- Shorouk newspaper, Morsi tweeted on his Twitter page: “We have the power to uproot the aggressiveness just like it uprooted exploitation.

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“I don’t want to take unusual steps,” Morsi added, “but if I see that the homeland is in danger, I won’t hesitate.”

Morsi said earlier that “Gaza will not remain alone as it was,” adding that the aggressors “know they will pay a heavy price is they continue their aggression.”

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15 thoughts on “Morsi warns Israel will pay heavy price

  1. Costs or ordinance and ammo replenishment are always high after a fumigation of Islam. Da Joooos got the money, so don’t worry Egypt.

  2. @Jamal Howard. Actually, It’s the Sanai that’s just past Gaza 😉

    Because Hamas is a subsidiary of the Muslim Brotherhood and appears to have commited acts of war on it’s behalf* at least once, the Camp David Accords were null and void the instant a member of the Muslim Brotherhood became elected to office in Egypt.

    * one of the post arab “spring” flair ups was during the run up to a significant vote in Egypt- that was to gin up Egyptian jingoism against Israel- so people would be more likely to vote for those who presented themselves as most against Israel. They used cats paws but nobody in their right mind believes that ridiculous sort of bullpucky anymore.

  3. The problem is that Hezbollah and Syria are also priming to attack Israel, it will be a multi-front war, and God alone knows what nasty bio or chemical weapons Iran and Assad have distributed to Hezbollah and Hamas.

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