Israeli infiltrates Islamic communities in Europe: Part IV. Islamic antisemitism

A lot of people worked very hard to do this translation. Special thanks to DarLink, and Gates of Vienna for getting this done, and of course, most of all, the people who made this excellent four part series.

The first three parts are:

Part One:

Part Two:

Part Three:

Part Four:…

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3 thoughts on “Israeli infiltrates Islamic communities in Europe: Part IV. Islamic antisemitism

  1. I believe Europe lets this happen for a reason. I am sure they could control the situation but they allow it. Why would they allow muslims coming in if they cause so much trouble ? Also why they do not bring the persecuted Christians from Middle East that are killed by the muslims everyday instead of the muslims who cause so much trouble.
    I really think they allow this for a reason.

  2. Alex77:

    The underlining reasons is because we are not replacing ourselves. Demographics show western populations are decreasing and they have a system that is based on a pyramid game were population must rise or the economy fails. Socialists already believe the world is over populated. It goes against their principle to ask people to have more kids so, they import them in from other parts of the world.

    Multiculturalism a religious word for the socialists which means all people are the same. Or can adapt once they see the benefits of another religious word secularism.
    It is a rooted belief that everyone will become peaceful once they see the benefits of living under a secular society.

    Even PatCondell doesn’t realize that leftest belief in secularism is the bases of multiculturalism
    It is a lot like calling a socialists a liberal of course the word liberal is about freedom that is why they use it.

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