REDUX: The CBN Clip of the march through Paris

I felt that while the coverage CBN and Dale Hurd did of it was excellent and it did the heart good to watch it, I think Mr. Hurd made one error in his observations that I wanted to address.  So I added it to the end of the clip.

I hope they can forgive the correction. But they are an exceptionally good bunch over at CBN:

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3 thoughts on “REDUX: The CBN Clip of the march through Paris

  1. Yes, I’d say that’s a fair conclusion and agree with your comments at the end of that film
    When we see a similar march in England with mature men and women making a stand, I’ll start to believe there’s hope still.

  2. The French “Cheese eating surrender monkeys”? Not hardly, I live in Tower Hamlets and I would give that accolade to the English “pint swilling pussies”. Sorry to the English you know it’s true after all someone may call you “racist” and you’ll wet yourselves.

    You are about to lose your country England and you just let Tommy rot in prison, move along, nothing to be proud of here….

  3. That’s a pretty fair crowd from what I could see on the video. Wow! I love how serious people get once the penny drops and they realize that the religion of Islam is actually as wicked and threatening as it is. There are just so darn many bullshit causes in the world that it’s easy for people to assume that the Islam thing is just another “Meatless Monday”, or whatever. But once you catch a glimpse of the true nature of Islam, it’s hard not to ask just one more question, and then one more. Like, “By ‘Infidel’, do you mean me?”. Imagine being forced to dress in pajamas and then to get down on your knees, stick your bottom up in the air like a baboon in heat, and start praying to Mohammed’s Moon God? I hope that crowd in France gets bigger and bigger and bigger.

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