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6 thoughts on “Interview with and news piece on, Swedish-Muslim MP.

  1. I am a proud Nazi, but I don’t support what Hitler did, his interpretation of Nazism was wrong! Nazism is a peaceful movement. We Nazis love Jews, but a few extremists like Goebbels, misunderstood our philosophy.
    I have friends in the Mafia too. How many people know that the Mafia is actually a charity? They started off as a knitting circle, but after a few years they moved on to crocheting, home baking, and basket-weaving. Unfortunately, a few idiots started committing crimes and then before you could say ‘Cosa Nostra’ they were all tarred with the same brush.
    It’s the problem with the world today. I know a few satanists who are fed up with being misunderstood. Just because they sacrifice new-born babies twice a year everyone thinks that they are evil. I mean, it’s ridiculous if you think about it.
    If people only stopped being blinkered by the evidence of their eyes and their ears, stopped judging people like me on the basis of my actions, and started judging me according to what I say,, then the World would be a much better place!

  2. How true that is Softly Bob, We are forever lectured and ordered to ignore the evidence of our eyes and ears and stop judging Islam according to the behaviour of muslims and told to judge it according to what muslims say about it..

    But which muslims should we listen too?

    Those who stupidly sleepwalk into a Europe on its way to becomming an islamic state always point to so called moderates, but the moderates are usually silent and totally irrelevant as it has always been the extremists who powered islam and enforeced its rule in every land colonized by muslims.

    When will Europe awaken to this historical reality and start to see the danger ?

  3. No Mustard should ever hold political power in a western government. No Mustard should have the right to vote in any western democracy. No Mustard should be in a position where he can lord over non-muslims.

  4. We deserve what we get….we, the over tolerant multi-culti idiots, have created the over immigration and acceptance of refugee policies that have led to ghettos of and cultural enclaves, funded by us to continue with their backward belief systems supported fully by our imbicilic policies,
    until these groups have enough power, population in their areas to elect these typical backward idiots, who promote even further their positions from elected seats….
    In Canada if we were ever lucky enough to get honest, transparent interviews from those culturally elected from immigrant ghetto populations, we would be shocked all to hell to find out how they really think…
    But then we are infiltrated by these crackpots, the other day front page on the Edmonton newspaper was honor for the celebration of some f===ed up East Indian Hindu ceremony,
    and way way back on the third page, bottom was a picture of two guys in relation to Christmas
    and getting gifts for the poor
    We are in big trouble with this nonsense…..already too many brainwashed into cultural relativity…

    And just wait for the backlash for our position to support the civilized country of Israel, instead of the barbaric savages that consider a lie equal to the truth, if it supports their position, those considered terrorists, islamic palestinians, hamas, killers of decent civilized people

  5. morticiaa the back lash is coming, Dr Doom (Dr. Faber, the economist who predicted the 08 crash) says another one is coming in early 2013, according to him it will include a worldwide banking meltdown and will last until 2016. When things get that bad the citizens of all nations will be protesting and demonstrating to stop all new immigration and to remove all who aren’t helping the economy so the jobs will go to citizens.

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