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11 thoughts on “Peculiar video of Mohamed Mera’s siblings on hidden camera, which they knew about.

  1. Interesting to see that mohammedanism, against common belief, is not just a man’s world. Their witches play an important ideological part there, too – beyond their nature-given roll as fighting wombs.

  2. They sound like what they are, inbred idiots. Pay attention to what they’ve said or tried to say, this is an excellent example of how most mustards feel. Yes, even the supposedly “moderate” ones.

  3. This is brilliant……..simply brilliant.

    Thank you for the translation Vlad and thanks to all who are pushing the anti-islam fight along. Let us all push a little harder.

    Regards, Don Laird
    Edson, Alberta, Canada

  4. If the witches assist, the witches will be punished as well. Women who lose their virginity in Islamic “marriage” will, after death, be raped with broken bottles for all eternity!
    As islam destroys itself in Syria, this is a very credible threat.

  5. Kick ’em all out or if they don’t go, kill ’em Golden Dawn style! These Muzzies some how think they’re gonna win but what about all that untapped working class resentment that will explode into a formidable force of white nationalism. Looking forward to the next 15 years boys and girls!!

  6. This never makes sense to me. Liberal Jews in America voted for Obama, demand open borders, demand affirmative action programs. The person that drafted the immigration reform act in the US was Jewish. You can see the same actions throughout Europe on Jewish influence on laws that gave Muslims and Africans right to enter and have priority over indigenous people of Europe.

    Why would they be so angry against Jews? And why would Jews be so stupid as to force governments to let Muslims and Africans in? Like I say, I am thoroughly confused??

  7. @Moo Moo
    Kicking them out removes our living shield against bombings and boycots. First islam should be destroyed in the Middle-East. Therefore agitate for a Greater Israel,from the Nile to the Euphrates.

    @Thom Jefferson
    That is the enigma: In general, Christians love Jews, Jews hate Christians; Jews love Muslims, Muslims hate Jews.
    Nevertheless, there are exceptions, and those exceptions are exceptionally useful. Support the “extremists” that want a Greater Israel.
    If opposing Jews in Europe is Anti-Semitic, so is opposing Jews in the Middle-East. Everybody who opposes Greater Israel should be called a Jew-hater, without reluctance.

  8. Personally,

    my religion falls along the lines of the old High Anglican, I am a very firm believer in God.

    But in reality the frame work of my High Anglican is filled in with large sections taken from the faith of the Catholic, the Buddhist, the naturalist, the native North American Indian, and the Hindu.

    I am somewhat of a pig at the theocratic buffet…….I take all the best parts for myself.

    As for those portions of religions that call for the murder and oppression of others who do not believe as they do, or those religions that refer to themselves with airs of superiority as God’s “chosen people” and then embark on paths of domination in accordance with their self appointed master race agenda…….well I have no time for them……..none at all.

    As for those orthodox Jews who think themselves holier than cow…..well, as long as they continue to live as they are living in Israel, as long as they continue to make the breathtaking contributions to the furtherance of humanity and Mankind they have been, then they have my undying and unequivocal support and, of little distraction to me, they may continue to wrap themselves in the robes of pious self righteous piety and wag their fingers at the rest of humanity from atop their rickety apple boxes.

    Regards, Don Laird
    Edson, Alberta, Canada

  9. Tom J:

    It is the “liberal” part of your description that explains the behavior of the “Liberal Jews”. This can be evidenced by the fact that over 80% of American jews living in Israel voted for Romney.

    Yes there are lots and lots of Jews who do not see things our way and they piss me off as much as any other leftist moron. However would you want Pamela Geller or Andrew Bostom or any of the other leaders of the counter-jihad movement to move to Israel despite their often herculean fight against leftism and Islam?

    Jews are not a hive mind. In fact the term ‘Jew’ actually means very little in terms of defining the beliefs of that group overall other than if a person is Jewish and religious, that persons religion might be Judaism. But then again, it may not as a disproportionate number of Jews are practicing Buddhists etc.

  10. Sister of al Qaeda-inspired killer to sue French TV channel

    PARIS (Reuters) – The sister of an al Qaeda-inspired gunman who killed seven people in France plans to sue a television channel that broadcast secretly filmed footage of her saying she was proud of her brother, her lawyer said.

    Souad Merah, sister of Mohamed Merah, the 24-year-old who killed three Jewish children, a rabbi and three soldiers last March, plans to sue TV channel M6, which acknowledges the footage in question was recorded on hidden camera.

    “Naturally, Souad Merah is going to file a complaint,” her lawyer, Christian Etelin, told Reuters.

    State prosecutors ordered an inquiry on Monday to establish whether the woman could be pursued for condoning terrorism after M6 aired the documentary in which she made the incriminating remarks to another brother.

    Mohamed Merah died in a hail of police bullets as he jumped, gun-in-hand, from a window of his apartment in the southwestern city of Toulouse after a 30-hour siege.

    One of his brothers, Abdelkader Merah, has been placed under judicial inquiry after admitting he helped Mohamed steal a scooter used in the killing spree, but says he did not know how the scooter would be used and denies any role in the shootings.

    In the M6 documentary, Souad Merah addresses another brother, Abdelghani, who has just published a book unreservedly condemning Mohamed Merah.

    In the conversation recorded on hidden camera, she says of Mohamed : “I’m proud of my brother. He fought to the very end.”

    She also said she thought highly of dead al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden.

    “She (Souad) feels she was trapped and betrayed by her brother (Abdelghani),” her lawyer Etelin said.


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