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12 thoughts on “Israel under attack: Gaza rocket bombardment enters fourth day

  1. As God as my witness…..

    Let the Jews lay waste to the entirety of the Gaza strip…….everything….

    Then, let turn our attention to the muslims in North America…….there must come a time when there is no place dark enough or deep enough to hide what is the most savage, barbaric and vulgar form of life on the planet…….

    Regards, Don Laird
    Edson, Alberta, Canada

  2. Yes they should have a Greater Israel, then all Jews in Western nations can return. In exchange Americans and Europeans can clean out their own nations and cancel all laws that were written by Jews residing in the West that created our problems.

    Harmful immigration laws, multicultural laws, and race laws can be destroyed. Europeans and there ancestors in the US and Canada can reclaim the lands, hard work, and sacrifice their forefathers built. Otherwise we will destroy ourselves, and all that those before us worked so hard to create.

  3. I think that eventually one of these rockets is going to hit a school or hospital which is exactly what the Satanic fiends are trying to do.
    I would guess that the effect would be to unite the Israeli people to deal with the fiends as they should be dealt with, not as they are currently being dealt with.
    Sadly it will take a horrendous act to elicit a just response when a just response is justified NOW.

  4. my thoughts are with all the decent Israeli folks who live in terror and run into shelters living in fear 24/7

    I have attended meetings in Toronto several years ago, live feeds from Israel, during another period when hundreds of rockets where launched each day……..and it keeps on….. and on

    Having to defend against savages and barbarians who are relentless in their persuit of evil

    Sadly, these hoards of islamic/fascists can only be brought to sanity by dictatorships that completely reprogram them through education and open secular attitudes, kind of like what some of the islamic countries had before the arab spring….oh well,

  5. With Obama’s reelection, the pallies as well as all other muslims have become more empowered.
    The thing is remember in all this is that 69% of American Jews voted for Obama’s second term as did 50% of the Roman Catholics.

  6. They will never leave Israel alone and that is a fact !
    Israel needs to do whatever it takes to defend itself against the ugly islam!
    Other countries need to stop criticizing Israel for defending themselves because islam is a threat to mankind !

  7. IF we Jews must leave North America, we will take with us ALL of our inventions and make the world pay and pay to lease them re: polio vaccines, USB memory sticks,,,,

  8. Thon J:

    It is the “liberal” part of your description that explains the behavior of the “Liberal Jews”. This can be evidenced by the fact that over 80% of American jews living in Israel voted for Romney.

    Yes there are lots and lots of Jews who do not see things our way and they piss me off as much as any other leftist moron. However would you want Pamela Geller or Andrew Bostom or any of the other leaders of the counter-jihad movement to move to Israel despite their often herculean fight against leftism and Islam?

    Jews are not a hive mind. In fact the term ‘Jew’ actually means very little in terms of defining the beliefs of that group overall other than if a person is Jewish and religious, that persons religion might be Judaism. But then again, it may not as a disproportionate number of Jews are practicing Buddhists etc.

  9. Iran wants Israel to attack so they will have an excuse for turning their proxy;s loose to wage war on Israel, I would feel a lot better if Hezbollah hadn’t been able to stand up to Israel during the last incursion, Hezbollah gave up positions only when they had run outs of ammo. That fact doesn’t bode well for what will happen in the next incursion.

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