Egypt veiled women cut off “infidel” Christian’s hair, throw her out of metro

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A nigab-clad woman holds an Egyptian flag at a protest in Tahrir Square.

CAIRO: A Christian woman reported that she had her hair cut off by two veiled women inside the Egypt’s capital city Cairo’s metro and thrown out of the car while being called an “infidel.”

Copts United, which reported the incident on its website, said the unnamed woman also suffered a broken arm from being thrown from the car.

The Coptic Christian advocacy group said this was the third such incident on the metro in the past 10 days and nearly at the same location.

Naguib Gebrael, the head of the Egyptian Federation for Human Rights, reportedly called the ministry of interior to “find a way to arrest those veiled women who belong to the Organization of the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice,” an underground movement that is not officially sanctioned or supported by the government.

This is not the first such hair-cutting occurrence in the country over the past few weeks.

Earlier this month, an Egyptian court in southern Egypt handed out a 6-month suspended sentence in a child abuse case that had sparked outrage among liberals and supporters of freedom of religion.

The teacher, Eman Abu Bakr, was convicted of child abuse after she cut off the hair of two schoolgirls who did not wear a traditional higab, or headscarf.

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4 thoughts on “Egypt veiled women cut off “infidel” Christian’s hair, throw her out of metro

  1. Notice that the hair cutters are women. It’s a caustic blend of Stockholm syndrome, self-loathing and downright bitchy envy. I bet the victims were all pretty and that the Muslimas responsible are all brainwashed witches.

  2. I hear that Germany has offered sanctuary to all Christians from Moslem nations, I hope most of them can make it out and get there.

  3. I think all western nations should restrict immigration from the middle and far east and all african countries to non muslims only for the next 40 to 50 years, to stabilize our cultures and prevent the growth of further non integrating islamic colonization..

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