Fascinating example of media uselessness.

If I didn’t already know better, I would say it was some kind of inverse Tourette’s Syndrome. Or perhaps a city-wde case of hysterical blindness. Actually, maybe thats what is is.

UPDATE: SDAMATT found a CBC clip which actually represents the real events as they happened without, as far as I know, sanitizing them for the usual leftist-Islamic, PC agenda. I am in shock. SUN TV must have them nervous if they have to actually resort to the truth now and again.

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18 thoughts on “Fascinating example of media uselessness.

  1. Well, one could argue that “Canada will burn” and “Praise Allah” means the same = Canada will burn! (yes, yes I know that the media are deaf, dumb and blind when it come to the reality of islam)

  2. If we do one thing, we lose our Queen, if we do the other thing, it’s checkmate in three – either way we are screwed. That’s how it always is when dealing with Islam. That’s how they’ve managed to do so much winning over the last fourteen-hundred years. If we dare to mention Islam, there is rioting and burning and then people can say, “Look what you brought on yourself by provoking the Muslims.” And they’d be right – sort of. I know that if I announce to the world that I am going to stand on the courthouse steps and burn the Quran, that there will be violence. So, therefore, they’ve somehow made it my fault while they are the ones committing all the violence. Clever.

    The voices in the video have been scared silent by the force of political correctness. They might not know much, but they do know that it’s not cool to say anything negative in the same sentence as the word “Islam” or “Muslim”, and that if you do, you are a racist and don’t deserve to have any friends or a job or a Mom or a Dad – because everybody hates racists…

  3. my favorite part is when the anchor speaking to the artist, while explaining what the graffiti is, says: “…and it goes on to say” and then reads the first few words again as if there was something before it. But it was just what he had already read. Its patent insanity.

    Our culture is so deeply screwed. If I was to tell someone from the past even 10 years ago, even myself 15 years ago I never would have believed a news cast like this would ever happen.

  4. Actually you guys might be missing something important here. Give them some credit here.

    They didn’t have to show us the writing they could have just told us what it said but they did show us. Obviously they can read which means they can not finish the sentence for a reason that is not given.

    My guess their managers are telling them they can not for some reason but they wanted us to read it for ourselves. I give them credit for doing so.

  5. How pathetic. These people and their cowardly political correctness. They are so anal about bringing offense. They truly are mentally ill, and I’m not talking about the muslim garbage who vandalised the monument either.

    Dear Canadians, please get your leftist liberals under control lest your country follows the destructive route of mine and puts an unlawful, traitorous bastard in office…….again!!

  6. Maybe they think they should not take the name of Allah in vain … 🙁

    ….. or it might be the proof of the non-existence of Allah… 😉

  7. Ok I might have to take back my last statements I am not sure. A post from the other thread:

    Floyd Moore: “The only thing that will burn will be the knucklehead who defamed the monument and Allah all in one act. Its Hell for you boy!”

    He has one of the highest number of ‘likes” which means there is a lot of agreement with his statement that this defamed Allah.

    In other words these reporters in this video might not want to seem unsensitive to Islam. Just as you guys are implying.

    I try and give them the benefit of the doubt but they are most likely just idiots

  8. OxAO I believe you are 100% correct. But the fact that they went to actual pains, ludicrous extremes not to read what was written is powerfully indicative of the state of journalism and freedom of speech in Canada today. Yes, showing the actual graffiti was an act of defiance. But the issue is that such an act, telling the truth, showing the truth is an act of defiance, that in and of itself shows the problem with media and Canada overall is far far worse than most would be comfortable with.

  9. Eeyore the loss of free speech is not just in Canada, we in the US are waiting for the next attempt by the left to shut down talk radio and outlaw conservative speech.

  10. Even so-called advanced country like Singapore forbid criticism against Islam and have halal almost everywhere. Forbidding criticism of anything that is bad or dangerous only caused the world to be a more unhappy and dangerous place to live in. Hopefully, the West will stop pandering to non-white immigrants and free speech will prevail.

  11. I was watching cp24 one day during a muslim holiday and was surprised to learn that of the four or five personalities [anchors, weather girl etc] bantering back and forth that half or more were muslim. White and arab muslim.

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