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5 thoughts on “Over 50% of EU funds misappropriated? Or just 100 billion?

  1. Martin I did that video in English years ago. Can’t remember where I parked it though, but I remember doing it. Its nearly comedy to watch all those fat corrupt bureaucrats hiding from the cameras when they are caught double dipping.

  2. @ Martin…..I don’t speak German or French so this is completely useless, frustrating & off topic to me and I suspect others as well. While I’m at it, please title your off topic posts OT so that I can choose to include reading them/seeing them when reading about the post I’m interested in. Thanks.

  3. What did they expect, they put bureaucrats in control with no way to fire them or from what I understand in many cases even bring charges against them. The unelected oligarchs of the EU are getting rich off of their jobs.

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