EDL and We Are Norwich protests: Four arrested at demonstrations

As th BBC did not specifically say that it was EDL members that were arrested but worded it so that a quick read would link the two concepts in the mind of the readers, I would say it is a safe bet that it was anti-EDL counter-demonstrators who acted up and were arrested. But I don’t ‘know’ this. I am merely extrapolating based on what I have seen so far.


EDL supporters at the start of their march About 200 EDL supporters took part in the march through Norwich

Police made four arrests during an English Defence League march and counter-protest in Norwich.

Officers from 11 forces were on duty as about 200 EDL supporters and up to 2,000 members of the We Are Norwich coalition marched through the city.

Police said the day passed off relatively peacefully, although extra officers remained in the city centre into the evening as a precaution.

Both groups said they were they were pleased with the outcome of the day.

The EDL organised its march in protest at Norwich City Council’s decision to ban Pastor Alan Clifford of Norwich Reformed Church for promoting “hate-motivated” anti-Islam leaflets from a council-owned stall on Hay Hill.

We Are Norwich, a coalition of 25 groups, staged a counter-demonstration.

The EDL march began at Castle Gardens, passing through central Norwich to City Hall.

The We Are Norwich march began with a rally at Chapelfield Gardens and also finished at City Hall.

The war memorial was barricaded off and the two opposing groups were kept apart across a “sterile zone” in front of City Hall, but there was some isolated trouble.

Two men were arrested for suspected public order offences.

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