Video about the ‘hate crime’ turned honour killing in the US


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7 Responses to Video about the ‘hate crime’ turned honour killing in the US

  1. EDL Buck says:

    Yeah, lets see CAIR get out of that one, the smegheads

  2. EDL Buck says:

    Smegma, go look it up

  3. Richard says:

    Don';t worry the MSM will coverup for the Moslems.

  4. EDL Buck says:

    Richard old son, you may be right mate.

  5. OxAO says:

    Notice the careful wording by the CAIR guy at the end.
    Domestic violence /= Islam

    Of course not. The Husband most likely had a Islamic justification for his properties execution.
    That isn’t domestic violence

  6. Richard says:

    Buck after 66 years of watching the MSM I would put big money on being right in this case.

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