Praying passenger diverts flight from Denver to DC


Published November 09, 2012

Associated Press

DENVER –  A United Airlines flight from Denver has landed safely in Washington, D.C., after its crew reported an emergency because a passenger began praying in an aisle.

KUSA-TV reports the plane was escorted by military jets after the crew declared the emergency. The plane landed Thursday at Dulles International Airport.

The Denver TV station reports that the crew made the decision because a male passenger started praying in the middle of an aisle.

United spokeswoman Megan McCarthy says a passenger wasn’t following flight attendant instructions for landing.


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6 Responses to Praying passenger diverts flight from Denver to DC

  1. oogenhand says:

    Pray for his conversion.

  2. chesters says:

    that’s scary. But obviously they think they can pray literally anywhere. A group of about 40 muslims recently entered the precincts of Westminster Abbey in London and started to pray. They were on the grass, inside the perimiter fence ie not in a ‘public space’, right by the Abbey walls. Right opposite, just across the road from, the Houses of Parliament. They were not only acting in an extremely provocative and insulting manner, but they were taking ownership of somebody else’s sacred space.

  3. oogenhand says:

    Here we see the power of prayer. If they can use it, so can we. Say:”Allah the Sunni, Allah the Shi’a; two Gods?!”

  4. Richard says:

    Expect a lot more incidents like those mentioned above.

  5. Lol says:

    I will be brief , from a Muslim perspective there is only one GOD , we believe that everybody has the same GOD , and all the Prophets came with the Same Message : There is only one GOD and to Worship him you will have to follow my example I am the truth and the way . A muslim has to pray 5 times a day at least if he wants to add additional prayers he will get more rewards . When you are travelling and it s not appropriate or you lack space to pray , you can even pray sitting down or pray later . Allah Just means THE GOD in Arabic that s why Arab Christian use the Word ALLAH in their bible

  6. oogenhand says:

    One God=> Sunni or Shi’a, who is the unbeliever? If Islam can consist of Sunni and Shi’a, God can consist of Father, Son and Holy Ghost.

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