Pair charged with forcible confinement in suspected arranged-marriage case

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Edmonton Journal:

By Mariam Ibrahim, Edmonton Journal November 8, 2012
Pair charged with forcible confinement in suspected arranged-marriage case

Edmonton Court House

Photograph by: Edmonton Journal file , Edmonton Journal

EDMONTON – A man and woman are facing charges for allegedly assaulting and confining a 21-year-old woman against her will in a south Edmonton home after she refused to take part in a forced marriage outside of Canada.

Police were called to reports of a family dispute around 11:30 p.m. at a home in south Edmonton on Feb. 6 this year, Edmonton police said Thursday.

They found a 21-year-old woman who was being forcibly confined in her house.

Police say the woman was being forced to take part in a marriage outside of Canada, but did not say where. When the woman refused the marriage, she was assaulted and confined in the home, police allege.

Court records show the weapons allegedly used in the assault are an electrical cord and a laptop computer.

Few other details were provided by police. “It’s for the protection of the victim,” police spokeswoman Noreen Remtulla said.

On Tuesday, nine months to the day after the initial incident, hate crimes investigators laid several charges in the case.

Muhammad Rafi, 59, is charged with two counts of assault with a weapon, one count of assault and one count of forcible confinement. Najma Khokhar, 49, is charged with forcible confinement and assault. Both were released Wednesday on $1,000 bail and are slated to make their first appearances in an Edmonton court on Dec. 19.

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One thought on “Pair charged with forcible confinement in suspected arranged-marriage case

  1. Sadly, this attitude of Jan (former major of Edmonton) is the left paradigm that is predominent in this city and in the whole area of immigrant settlement and integration, based on cultural relativity, and overlooking basic facts of how other cultures are far inferior and backward in relation to the levels of the enlightened cultures into which they are supposed to assimilate.

    Edmonton is a hell hole for islamic stealth jihad and these court happenings are only the tip of the iceberg, the schools where islamics are being trained are flourishing with the full and total support of the imbilcles in the Alberta Government, who are not suppervising in any way whatsoever, the materials and curriculum used, but then, these training places for perpetuation of these backward values and cultures, can comply with basics in order to get funding,,
    and then at 3 pm, take out their hate literature, and call it after hours religious training….(Straight from the Alberta Education mouth piece in the Ministry of Education, ( last time I raised this issue)

    In relation to the other case, the 2 year old twins who were beaten, one killed, the court room was filled with all the supporters of the islamic immigrant parents. Can you imagine, a situation like this happening, think about it…..where the court room would be filled with supporters?????? What type of mentality would allow friends who knew these abusers to wave flags of support, make the trip to the courthouse to show their support, decent folk would feel like vomiting on them, reject them and feel repulsed by them, at the least, hope they went to a mental institute or to jail, but not, in fact never wave flags of support.

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