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8 thoughts on “Michelle Malkin:”This Politically Correct/Jihadi Coddeling Administration” …

  1. I would change one word in Malkin’s closing statement:

    <blockquote strike 'jihad' and change to 'shariah'

    so it reads as:

    :”This Politically Correct/Shariah Coddeling Administration”

    Shariah encompasses all of the nasty tidbits of jihad.

  2. America has been to balkanized and medicated and welfarized and SNAP’ed to permit Malkin to run in 2016.

    63- 64%% of white non Jewish voters chose Romney. How long will this continue until the country explodes? BTW, they have the guns.

  3. Michelle is very smart, too smart to run for President.

    Silver Scumbag that is the question I ask all the time.

    oogenhad, Mao said that all power comes from the muzzle of a gun, what he and others ignore is that so does all freedom.

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