Michelle Malkin:”This Politically Correct/Jihadi Coddeling Administration” …


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8 Responses to Michelle Malkin:”This Politically Correct/Jihadi Coddeling Administration” …

  1. oogenhand says:

    Islam will not be defeated in the West. It will be defeated in the Middle-East.

  2. Joops says:

    Michelle Malkin should run in 2016.

  3. Actually I’m hoping the Liberal/National Party get tough on it in Oz after next year’s election

  4. wtd2 says:

    I would change one word in Malkin’s closing statement:

    <blockquote strike 'jihad' and change to 'shariah'

    so it reads as:

    :”This Politically Correct/Shariah Coddeling Administration”

    Shariah encompasses all of the nasty tidbits of jihad.

  5. oogenhand says:

    I agree with wtd2.

  6. Silver Scumbag - Canada says:

    America has been to balkanized and medicated and welfarized and SNAP’ed to permit Malkin to run in 2016.

    63- 64%% of white non Jewish voters chose Romney. How long will this continue until the country explodes? BTW, they have the guns.

  7. oogenhand says:

    And guns are power.

  8. Richard says:

    Michelle is very smart, too smart to run for President.

    Silver Scumbag that is the question I ask all the time.

    oogenhad, Mao said that all power comes from the muzzle of a gun, what he and others ignore is that so does all freedom.

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