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2 thoughts on “Political correctness and public safety.

  1. I remember an encounter with a leftard idiot who was trying to describe a woman he was talking about. He mentioned how tall she was, where she lived, what she did, who she hung out with, etc., etc., but if he had mentioned the one thing that would have clued me in, we could have put this whole 15 min. farce to bed. She was the only Asian that lived on the island and that one key fact that his PC lips would not utter, even on penalty of death would have immediately clued me in. It was absolutely insane and I never forgot it. This is a prime example of the lunacy & potential danger of cultural marxism run amok.

  2. Time was when descriptions of wanted suspects were made known to the public for their safety and to aid police investigations.

    If descriptions of suspected criminals was OK when we were a majority white,country why is it different now, just because it will include descriptions of other races ?

    Are they frightened minority races or those who use dress to advertise their religion would feature prominently in these crime figures and descriptions? Are they hiding vital information to avoid alerting the public to the detrimental impact of uncontrolled or careless immigration policies?

    I can only imagine it is being done to avoid highlighting the racial or religious characteristics of minority criminals. The ‘enriching’ diversity we’ve been forced to accept is depriving us of our ability to protect ourselves, and is an attack on common sense and freedom of speech which will make us less safe .

    Why does every new political legal or social initiative appear to be slanted heavily in favor of the interests of minority newcomers .and detrimental to the interests of existing citizens whose ancestors fought and died to protect these countries to safeguard the heritage of their children?

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