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7 thoughts on “Munich: Anti-Islam Campaigners Confronted by Snarling Muslim Mob

  1. The Moslems should remember that the people they are attacking are the descendents of the people who put murder on an assembly line.

  2. Why have our leaders allowed our societies to become filled with violet prone resentful malcontents like this? If they don’t like criticism of their lifestyle or religion, they can leave, adjust, debate or try seeing things from other perspectives like we are forced to do to accommodate others including them. But no, they respond with finger wagging fist waving mouth snarling threats instead. I fear for the future.

  3. Richard,

    You make a very good point. Seventy years ago they systematically and on an industrial scale atttempted to exterminate the adherents of a particular religion they considered to be ‘problematic’. They should not presume it couldn’t happen again…

  4. I know, just as I know that tiny Britain conquered half of the world, then gave up her Empire voluntarily, they weren’t kicked out of any country, these facts should be taught in schools.

  5. Excellent point Richard…..it was a lesson learned from the Industrial Revolution and the benefit of a strategy of profit called “Economies of Scale”….

    In other words why take the effort to build one widget at a time when you can mass produce a million widgets for a fraction more in cost….

    So too the push back against isalm and muslims…..when it gets underway it will be wide sweeping and a joy to behold….

    Regards, Don Laird
    Edson, Alberta, Canada

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