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14 thoughts on “Tens of thousands riot in Greece with Molotov Cocktails and tear gas all around

  1. Christ!!!

    With the inflation being what it is, I’m surprised they can afford gasoline for their Molotov Cocktails…..

    wasteful buggers…..

    Regards, Don Laird
    Edson, Alberta, Canada

  2. Don watch the videos again, pay attention to what happens when the Molotov’s break open, I think someone in the rioters knows how to make homemade napalm.

  3. Hello Richard……

    I know, I was watching that…….

    But watch this……its a great segment on Constantinople


    The predecessor of napalm…….”Greek Fire”………

    Between that and mixtures like ANFO the Greek authorities are going to have a little bit of a hard time on their hands…

    Regards, Don Laird
    Edson, Alberta, Canada

  4. Don nice video it would have taken PBS or some government show 3 hours to say that.

    Richard: Styrofoam and fuel is a home made Napalm and yes I seem some remains of what looked like burned Styrofoam.

  5. So is soap and gas, soap not detergent, it works better then Styrofoam in most instances. At least that is what my DI’s told me.

  6. If they riot hard enough the austerity bogey man will go away and they can go back to the good old days and the good old ways right?

    Socialist dicks made their bed, spent all their money, spent everyone elses money, paid no taxes out of pride and destroyed their economy.

    Let Darwinian nature take its course.

  7. Due to the complete insanity of half of the imbecilic population of the USA this will soon be what takes place in America. And most of you brainwashed idiots have brought it on yourselves……Remember these words, because they will come back to haunt you in the very near future.

  8. It seem’s we have a home chemistry session here this evening…….oh what radicals we are….

    The Molotov Cocktail works best when combined with a small amount of a granulated detergent as well as Styrofoam and liquid detergent. Added to that for an enhancement can be either naphtha, kerosene and or pure turpentine. The base liquid being a gasoline and or a mixture of gasoline and diesel.

    The problem with the use of spirits like naphtha is that it’s highly volatile, evaporates quickly and has or can create problems relating to a pre-ignition of the device itself. This is cause for concern if trying to pressurize the vessel itself in order to achieve a larger area of contact upon impact.

    We had great fun back in my army days experimenting with different recipes out on the range. The problem was getting enough of a lob behind the device in order to distance yourself from both the target and the resulting explosion.

    There is also a common misconception about large volumes of highly flammable fluids and their various containment vessels.

    People think that a barrel of gasoline is explosive. Au Contraire!!

    Diesel and gasoline are relatively stable and have fairly high flash point with gasoline having the lower flash point.

    What is the deadliest of all these are the fumes. For example, if you took a gallon of gasoline and threw is into a sealed room and let it evaporate for a an hour or two and then ignited it, it would not burn initially, it would explode with the equivalent force of several pounds of TNT.

    If you take a look at the video I am amazed at the range some of these malcontents are getting out of their devices when thrown…..bastards should be trying out for the majors in baseball…..and they are, as Richard mentioned, definitely using correct recipes and ingredients.

    Now….enough of fireworks…..

    As for the crowds……PIGS is right…..

    Just look at the recent fistfights at line-ups in New Jersey over something like gasoline…..or look at a video segment on Youtube over something like discounted TV’s


    Now take all of those video and multiply them exponentially in situations of massive shortages of essential services and items…….

    The fact is your neighbor is only your friendly neighbor until he or she hasn’t eaten for several days….

    Fucking animals……..

    Regards, Don Laird
    Edson, Alberta, Canada

  9. Riots like these are coming to all nations in the near future, the entire worlds economy is a basket case and not enough nations are taking the correct actions.

    Thanks Don my instructors didn’t get into that much detail on making napalm and the rioters are getting much more range then most people can when throwing gas bombs.

  10. I hope Golden Dawn do come to power. At least they care about the Greek people, evidenced by the fact that they give over 60% of their monthly salaries to help those in need – no other Greek politician does this. In Greece, the Greek must come first and the Golden Dawn work on that basis. If every country did this then we would have harsher immigration laws, less money leaving the country coffers to go to countries that don’t need or deserve it and thus much more tax money to spend on our own people. People could give their private money to charities to give to poor countries if they so wish. At the moment I work my backside off just to exist whilst giving my hard-earned tax money to places like India whilst my own Government stands by while my job gets exported out there as well. ****ing insult!

  11. oogenhand the minimum wage leads to inflation and a guaranteed annual income is what caused the problem in Greece.

    Minimum wage/living wage– by increasing the wages of the lowest level you cause the prices at the places they work. Let us use fast food places as an example, after the raise in the price of hamburgers the workers who are making more then minimum discover they can’t buy as much as they use to so they start screaming for a pay raise to maintain their standard of living. This causes more price increases and more screams for higher wages from more people. The inflationary cycle continues until things reach equilibrium. However the usual result is that after the inflationary cycle ends the workers making minimum wage are in worse shape and can buy less then before the minimum wage was instituted or raised.

    Guaranteed annual income– Basically this is robbing Peter (the producers) to pay Paul (the non producers), the people being taxed heavily (stolen from) to pay for the welfare (guaranteed annual income) get tired of the continued theft and increase in their taxes to pay for more benefits. They then start looking for ways to avoid or evade the taxes (avoid is using legal means, evade means using illegal ways). This causes lower revenues for the government which is stuck trying to keep the welfare class quiet with borrowed money. Eventually you no longer have the capability of paying back the money you are borrowing and the government defaults on its bonds. They then try for a bailout from a friendly nation which often leads to the friendly nation defaulting.

    The current situation in all Western nations is that we are all running as fast as we can to the point where we can’t pay off our loans/bonds. We have only two courses of action open, 1) reduce welfare payments and taxes so we can grow the economy and grow our way out of this mess. 2) keep spending like drunken sailors until we default.

    Number 1) will work given enough time but the welfare classes don’t want to take cuts in welfare and the economically illiterate politicians of the left aren’t willing to learn and are thus pandering to the masses.

    History says that once this point is reached that the usual result is a dictatorship, followed by a Monarchy followed by democracy. The Founders of the US set up a Representative Republic and guaranteed the right to keep are bear arms, they hopped that these actions would break the cycle of dictatorship to monarchy to democracy. We are about to find out if they were right.

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