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11 thoughts on “Bill Whittle on the election

  1. Sorry, but Whittle’s style is typically brief and concise. He goes on and on and on without really coming to any point in the first 15 minutes and this sucker goes on for nearly an hour and a half!

    The outcome of this 2012 Presidential election is depressing enough. I prefer to wallow until he synopsizes his idea into one of his Afterburner sized segments .

  2. Very interesting idea/concept effectively a parallel economic system. Not to replace but enhance.
    I do remember though a case in the UK were a lady after receiving private healthcare treatment approached the national health service for further treatment (for which she had paid her taxes). The NHS refused treatment.The socialist state machinery can be very vindictive.
    But the concept Mr Whittle as he has said is an idea that needs to be expanded.On a state level it could work.Although the state would very likely try to withhold licenses/applications under the guise of lack of equality/race etc.

  3. I’ve been trying to articulate Bills idea for some time. It is not a new idea, only IT is new.
    When the communists took over in South Africa, conservative whites immediately took their kids out of public schools and started setting up parallel “cultural” organisations. It is still going strong today although approx 40,000 whites have been murdered since the takeover.
    Intrusive marxist government needs to be isolated and ignored, let them wallow in their own filth.
    I was trying to express this feeling in this post I put up last night.

  4. But — what if the govt. finds out about your parallel structures and feels threatened by them, is offended by them, and decides to out-law them? They can pass any law they want, whether you pay your taxes or not.

  5. Pavelina says: ” if the govt. finds out about your parallel structures and feels threatened by them, is offended by them”

    They will to. Don’t forget the National Socialists what they did to those they feared.
    But here is the issues.

    1. We are heading for a total economic collapse in about 15 to 20 years (maybe longer if we can stretch it.) We will see more and more countries, cities and states declaring bankruptcy. But the big ones will be US, Britain, France Japan and Germany. When they go there will be no one to back up the bonds that support our currencies. The value of currency will drop out or inflate (It doesn’t matter same value).

    2. What he doesn’t talk about is the solar cycles which Cycle 25 is due in about 15 more years. After which time we will not see warm summer for the rest of our lives. I know government has been pushing fake Global warming and cooling for a long time but this one I am convenience it is going to happen but the severity I don’t know. Food will be the real problem.
    Colder climates you will have real problems.

    +15 years from now will be some interesting times.

    Note: Big Cities will be the last places you want to be.

  6. Just wanted to add:

    Remember our history they didn’t sack Rome for the money and wealth they first sacked Rome for their food which they got very little. Rome fell from the lack of food from what I believe are these same cycles that I am referring to. This happened again during the viking periods, black death and of course the little ice age. All very hard times.

    Cycle 25 (2022-4) will be the start it will get worse from there for the rest of our lives and we have no preparation for this coming problem and few either believe it or are even aware of it.

    I personally am not sure exactly how to deal with it. I believe a small farming community would be the best places to live that has access to water but will the cities over run them? That is what happened to the roman farms the populations destroyed what was left of the farms looking for food.


  7. Clarification: Gosh i did it again.
    Solar cycle 25 peak is 2022 which will be our last small warming period then after that it gets cold….

  8. Sorry some problems with my posts.

    It will get at max about 2 Deg C over all less then it is today. Which means we will have warm summers but not hot. The oceans will cool so we will get a long periods of La Niña’s this will change the jet streams which some areas will get warmer others cooler.

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