Election day in the USA

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13 Responses to Election day in the USA

  1. Softly Bob says:

    Today is an important day in history. Let’s hope that America does the right thing.

  2. Miriam says:

    I think this may be from last year.

  3. Softly Bob says:

    I have predicted before that Obama will win this election. I sincerely hope that I am proven wrong.
    If Obama wins then this will be disaster all round.
    I will comment again tomorrow when we know the results. If my prediction is right then I will be commenting with sadness or anger.
    If my prediction is wrong I will be overjoyed to have been proven wrong!

  4. Paris Claims says:

    The bookies have Obummer clear favourite. The utter stupidity of the electorate never ceases to amaze me. There really ought to be some kind of IQ test before people are allowed to vote.

  5. Fred says:

    Keeping my fingers crossed. I don’t know that many people, but I did my best to convince the ones I know NOT to vote for the muslim usurper guilty of high treason.

  6. Softly Bob says:

    Having had a look round a number of News sites and read both the articles and the comments, it looks as if there has been a terrible media bias towards Obama. There are a number of mocking claims about Romney and no mention of Obama’s failings as President. People have their eyes shut and are wearing dunce’s caps.
    This is another reason why I think that Obama will win.

  7. DP111 says:

    Pray for a miracle. If Obama wins, then America will deserve what it gets. In fact, that is generally true. Thus the Arabs get what they deserve – the Arab Spring.

  8. When*Pigs*Fly says:

    This plane flying over New York was sadistic. The re-election of a traitor will be masochistic.

  9. Eeyore says:

    That one event WPF, should be enough for criminal charges against Obama

  10. OxAO says:

    Sounds like 4 more years of hatting one another.

    That is all the democrats have is hate

  11. Adam says:

    We’re totally fucked… Four more years towards armageddon.

  12. Fred says:

    This is very very scary.

  13. DP111 says:

    The historic USA is dead. The demographics are now clearly on the Democratic side of the spectrum. The Republican party is also dead. Opposition to the Democrats will necessarily arise, but from within the Left, which will be even more Left then the current Democrats. This Leftward drift will accelerate. So its “goodbye” America. Your premier position on the world stage, in historic terms, has thankfully been very short, as the destruction you caused has been far greater then any good you may have done.

    As for France and other European nations that adopted the “melting pot”, under pressure from the USA, that it was the “melting pot” policy that was responsible for America’s economic and social success, its time to question America as an idea. America is now in terminal decline. This decline will be accompanied by “Sandy” type riots and worse.

    Thankfully, Europeans can recover from decades of disastrous immigration of Blacks and Muslims. This escape route, for obvious reasons, is not available to America.

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