British al-Qaeda gang from Birmingham planned ‘another 9/11’ in UK


An al-Qaeda inspired gang of British Muslims planned to carry out “another 9/11” in the UK with up to eight suicide bombers, a court heard today.

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By Tom Whitehead and Sam Marsden

1:47PM BST 22 Oct 2012

A Jihadist group from Birmingham were to target crowded areas to cause “mass death” in a terror plot that was set to be even more devastating than the 7/7 London bombings, Woolwich Crown Court was told.

Two of the alleged ringleaders had received terror training in Pakistan and made martyrdom videos to be released after they had “blown themselves up”.

They were taught in bomb-making, how to use weapons and poisons before returning to the UK to recruit others for their plot.

That included arranging for others to be sent to Pakistan for training as well.

They planned to detonate homemade bombs in up to eight rucksacks and may also have blown others up with bombs on timers…

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4 thoughts on “British al-Qaeda gang from Birmingham planned ‘another 9/11’ in UK

  1. Even if the bombers had succeeded, the paedophile supporting BBC and its minions, would have brushed it under the carpet after a couple of days, while at the same time blaming the EDL for provoking peaceful Muslims.

  2. And the solution to the problem of British homegrown terrorism?.. let’s ask the intellectual university educated Marxist elite:

    Arrest members of the EDL. silence all criticism of Islam, give more public funds to Muslim families, build more mosques, and introduce blasphemy laws to prevent critical analysis of Islam.
    Yes, that’s the way to go. Well done, Professor!

    Luckily, we still have intelligence forces who can weed out the terrorists before they commit their grisly deeds, but the clueless Left still keep harping on about Israel, the plight of the Palestinians, multiculturalism, and all the other misguided claptrap that they claim to be such experts on.
    What will it take for these goons to realise the truth? Maybe when they become victims of Islamic terrorism themselves, maybe then, as they gasp their final breaths, maybe they might just wake up, but somehow I doubt even that will have an effect.
    In reality, it’s now just them and us – ordinary Western citizens on one side and seditious deranged Muslims on the other. People are finally beginning to ignore the whinging Leftists, which just goes to show that the ordinary man in the street is often smarter and more astute than the so-called intellectual liberals.

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