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21 thoughts on “Brutal gang rape of woman by ‘Iraqis’ in USA

  1. Couldn’t resist a chuckle when the male reporter stated

    “now, we are digging into the background of these suspects. . .”

    Chances are, these reporters will need some assistance with their ‘digging’ effort if the identities of all five, given the Muhammed coefficient of 40% isn’t clue enough.

  2. I saw the first two identities immediately as seen @1:51 in the video
    Ali Mohammed Hasan Ali Juboori
    Sarmad Fadhi Mohammed
    I obviously missed the middle name of the third suspect w/ the apparent Mohammed identity. . .
    Jasim Mohammed Hassin Ramadon .
    I stand corrected and confirm based on the information thus provided . . .Mohammed coefficient in this case is 60%.

  3. Is it too late for Ramadan forgiveness?

    Nice to see the army has thick creamy deposits of grade A diversity units stashed all over the country unsupervised. Should reap a bumper crop of grief with seeds like these.

  4. Iraqi nationals eh?

    So we liberated their country. Made sure that most Chrtistians were ethnically cleansed, making Iraq “pure” for Islam. So why the hell are these “Mohammeds” still in the US?

  5. The females of the West will have to endure being a recipient of muslim sexual empowerment.

    Keep on voting Democrat girls!!

    Given that the ratio of Democrat supporting females have greatly outnumbered Republican supporting females, and that despite the trend that these sex attacks will go on and on, one could logically make the case that most females do not have the mental capacity to vote logically given that they so willingly vote for the party that puts their sexual organs in harm’s way.

  6. SZ

    Western females vote Democrats, or Labour in the UK, as these parties are strong in giving Benefits. The disadvantage for the nation is that Benefits attract Muslims and other undesirables from the whole world.

  7. I am a woman and vote for UKIP and will be voting British Freedom next time round if they stand. My husband votes for one of the three main parties because “he can’t be bothered as they get in anyway”. Many of the women I know are sick to the back teeth of immigrants flooding the UK. I think in the US case, women are reluctant to vote Republican because of their threat to make not only abortion but also contraception illegal in some states, thus depriving US women of control over their bodies, which is pretty much what rapists do, isn’t it? Didn’t one of the Republicans say that abortion should be illegal in all cases, even rape, despite the fact that his wife aborted their child because of the dangers to her health. Hypocrite springs to mind. Who wants a hypocrite in power?

  8. Cathrine don’t believe all of the propaganda the left turns out, most of it is bull. FYI in the US over 60% of the people women and men don’t want abortion on demand, and I have never heard of anyone wanting to outlaw contraception, they do want to make the people using the contraception pay for it rather then the tax payers.

  9. Richard exactly so. I was going to respond earlier to that as I have never heard of anyone wanting to ban contraception. Not even the Catholic church although they did discourage the use of condoms. But no one wanted a ban on it.

    Also even the most firm of believers in abortion on demand think a third trimester limit is a reasonable thing. I do wonder about how they would feel about the East and South Asian habit of aborting unborn girls though to the point where Vancouver no longer allows results of sexing by ultrasound to be given to the parents anymore. I think that may be the ultimate feminist dilemma. The idea of abortion on demand for any reason under any circumstance just to see it being used to selectively kill female fetuses.

  10. How did we get to third trimester abortions? It was claimed by Silver Zionist that women vote left and are therefore to blame for immigrants raping them because it’s all worth it for the benefits money. Women don’t want to vote Republican in the US because of their stance on ALL contraception (except abstinence) and ALL abortion. Women who oppose abortion don’t have to have one, it isn’t compulsory. However, the option should be there for the 40% who may need one if their unborn child may prove fatal to the mother if carried to term, had severe deformities / genetic illnesses or the pregnancy was as a result of rape. Fortunately, UK Nationalist parties are more pro-choice (to varying degrees). Naturally, women are going to choose politicians that are going to be best for them, just as men do. Fortunately for men, they will never have to decide whether to have an abortion or die – or let the state make the choice for them that they will die in favour of an unborn child. Maybe if the conservative politicians took a more liberal view of women’s issues then they would be more popular, thus going some way to resolving immigration issues.

  11. Catherine you do know that the abortion on demand movement was started by the eugenics movement with the stated goal of abortion all black and brown babies to improve the human race don’t you?

  12. I doubt it. Women were using abortives for centuries before the medical profession got their hands on it. This was a very private issue and had nothing whatsoever to do with the eugenics movement. If the eugenics movement’s goal was to reduce brown and black babies then they will be sorely disappointed to see that as many white women are aborting their babies. In UK the feminists started rallying for abortion because of the many women who were killed by “back street abortionists” and then at least one life could be saved – desperate women do desperate things. One of the most common causes for abortion in the old days was naive, undereducated women who had been abandoned by their boyfriends after falling pregnant and women whose husbands demanded sexual privileges from their wives even if it was evident that further pregnancy could injure her health or even kill her. Incidentally, I despise women (and their male partners) who abort because they were careless and refuse to face the consequences, but if you start making exceptions for some cases then you have to apply the rule broadly and this could harm women and children in the long-term. Many women use the state as husband and father for them and their children because they cannot rely on modern males to stick around, be faithful and provide for them. Once men become reliable and a better deal than husband/father state again then we will see women return once more family life where they will have little reason to abort children who will become a joy rather than a burden.

  13. You can doubt it all you want, the historical facts are on my side, of course you will refuse to check out the facts since you would rather live in a dream world where everyone who doesn’t agree with you is evil. Enjoy you hatred, in the long run it is all you will have.

  14. Please provide resources then. The historical facts are on my side as regards abortion – women have used herblore for centuries to rid themselves of dangerous pregnancies or where they could hardly afford to feed the children they already had. I don’t mind people disagreeing with me at all but I refuse to agree that it is women who are evil and have certain disdain for people who feed me myths in order to try to convince me it is in fact women who are evil. Men have a role to play in preventing abortion as well – offer support for the mother of his children.

  15. Try checking out the early ads for Planned Parenthood, also it wasn’t until the 1960s and 70s that abortion became socially acceptable, prior to then unless a Doctor said the pregnancy was a risk to the mothers life abortion was illegal and treated as murder. People selling and using herbs were considered murders and tried as such. In fact out of wedlock pregnancies were a scandal. Planned Parenthood worked hard to get abortion legalized and accepted, they couldn’t do this through the legislatures so they used the unconstitutional route of having some Judges write abortion into the Constitution.

    You can start by checking out Planned Parenthood and Margret Sanger at discoverthenetwork.org, David Horowitz was a red diaper baby who say what the left really is after a friend of his was murdered.

  16. Yeaaah right. I just saw a photo of US/NATO soldiers posing and smiling for photos next to a charred up corpse of some Iraqi. SICK.

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