BBC Clip on Jewish school shooting in France

Here is the link to the original page and below, the video in case it somehow disappears into the memory hole.

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2 Responses to BBC Clip on Jewish school shooting in France

  1. wtd says:

    “Authorities said at the time that forensic analysis showed that the same weapon was used in the shootings in Montauban and Toulouse”via Times Of Israel

    From the same link, photos of the victims (may be removed due to family request according to comments at link) – members of the destroyed beautiful, young family as well as the following:

    In an apparently separate incident, threatening letters were sent to two Parisian synagogues on Monday. According to the French Police, letters saying, “You are the people of Satan, hell awaits you” were sent to synagogues in the capital’s eighth and 19th arrondissements.

    Now who would be concerned with Satan more – Muslims or Extreme-right nationalists? I betting the shooter is of North African Muhammedan descent.
    Lan Astaslem لن استسلم‎

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