Very cool new US navy weapon

Once again we see that without doubt the US has the coolest weapons out there by far. The only issue that remains is, does the US have the will to win an armed conflict? Will they actually use it against a determined foe? We will probably know soon.

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4 Responses to Very cool new US navy weapon

  1. morticiaa says:

    not with oprahs boy osama in command they sure won’t…

  2. SB Smith says:

    That’s pretty cool but I wish there was more info. with it.

  3. Richard says:

    The first working rail gun was part of the SDI, it was so large you had to mount in on a tractor trailer truck to move and required another tractor trailer to tow the power supply. In his 1940s and 50s juvenile books Robert Heinlein used a similar device as a space launch unit.

    At a rough guess at 5600 miles per hour a 40 pound projectile through or almost through all war ships of our enemies.

  4. Kit Goto says:

    More info please.

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