Douglass Murray: Should Islam adapt to G.B or should England adapt to Islam

This is one video that is part of a series. Anjem Choudary also has a segment in this series where he explains that Islam is the most persecuted religion, although he does have the good grace to say, “In England” as he wouldn’t dare say in the world or in The Middle East for example. Of course it is an utter lie that it is so persecuted in England as well, but its a more defensible lie than saying it is more persecuted than Christianity or Judaism in say, Iraq for example.

Another speaker in this series claims that Muslims in England today are the Jews of pre WW2 Germany. It would be interesting to see dole records and crime stats for Jews in Germany in the 1930s and compare. Somehow I doubt one could verify that assertion. Fortunatly for all the Muslims, none of them are asked to substantiate their claims. Murray was good enough to do so without being asked.

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9 Responses to Douglass Murray: Should Islam adapt to G.B or should England adapt to Islam

  1. ramjetejmar says:

    Spot on once again Mr. Murray

  2. Softly Bob says:

    Doug Murray – another champion of free speech and a fine example of a Brit who slipped through the net and escaped the castration caused by political correctness.

  3. Richard says:

    Immigrants adapt to the culture of their host nation, conquerors force the host nation to adapt to them.

  4. WLIL says:

    Whether they are merely immigrants or socalled “conquerors”, they have no right to force anyone to accept their backward horrible culture. Many people find their islamic culture unacceptable because they are in reality, NOTHING good in it. It is only natural that good people would not follow anything that is fake or immoral .

  5. gsw says:

    I was offended by what Moazzam Begg thinks of the British. Then I read the comments, I think he shot himself in the foot on this one!
    Not only did he manage to ‘offend’ nearly everyone, he also insulted the Jews and proved that he has a typically islamic view of the holocaust.

  6. Hasse Eriksson says:

    Let,s all work for a muslim free Europe. Send them back to the stoneage! Where they all belong.

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