The latest video from the Christian apologetics ninjas over at is a joy to behold. It contains the usual combination of precise and irrefutable scholarship with their unique sense of humour, but this time it’s also a little different.

There’s a really pro-active tone of positivity and empowerment here: watch right to the end to pick up some really useful tips on how you can take positive steps this month (symbolic in its Judeo-Christian festivities of all that is best about Western Civilization) to combat ignorance of Islam.

This guidance follows a characteristically brilliant deconstruction of the utterly mad rhetoric on Islam now coming out of the Obama administration, which just today classified the Fort Hood massacre as “workplace violence”!

To quote from Dr David Wood in the video:

The Anti-American dreamteam then [i.e extremists and the liberal establishment] consists almost entirely of cowards and morons: the ONLY way we could ever be defeated by a force like that, is if we do absolutely nothing.

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Leicester Tiger is a European researcher and academic based in the United Kingdom.
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4 Responses to Announcing: JIHAD AWARENESS MONTH

  1. Richard says:

    They did a good job, the only question I have is why they went so easy on Obama.

  2. Nick says:

    Workplace violence? To refer to that incident using those words is a sign of profound insanity.

  3. DP111 says:

    Terrific video. Will post it elsewhere.

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