An interesting take on vandalism. (from Sept 19 2009)

A mosque in Montreal’s West Island has been hit by vandals five times, each time spray painting a number that refers to a Koranic verse that shows what Muslims actually preach and believe. I find this an interesting twist on vandalism. More typically, ‘hate literature is fiction and threatening. Usually it refers to books or quotes books about a group that actually had nothing to do with that group whatsoever, such as the oft used slurs from ‘The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion’, a Russian forgery imitating a meeting where Jews conspire to take over the world.

It is interesting that in this case, people are spray painting a mosque with nothing except the chapter and verse of what their books actually do say, and what they actually do believe putting them in the position of doing damage control. I think this is still damage to private property however and should be treated with the same harshness that vandals typically get when they spray paint on public or private buildings.

Of course if these guys are caught, they will be charged with a hate crime when in fact, they are exposing a hate crime, not committing one. They are guilty of vandalism though. They should instead hold a bake sale and pay for a billboard next to the mosque putting all the relevant passages of Koran on it.

From CTV News:

Vandals hit mosque for fourth time

Updated: Sat Sep. 19 2009 6:20:18 PM

A small mosque in the West Island has been covered in spray paint for the fourth time in a year.

This time the doors of Dorval Mosque were sprayed with graffiti that read “Koran 551,” a reference to a controversial passage in the Koran.

Mazar Khan, who attends the mosque, says the repeated targeting by vandals is difficult.

“It’s hurtful. It’s damaging to the sentiments of the people who attend the mosque, and also damaging to normal human beings,” said Khan.

In may, Federal Multiculturalism Minister Jason Kenney had strong words for the vandals when he visited the mosque.

“To come and violate their mosque, their place of worship is totally unacceptable and it’s un-Canadian. Whoever did this should be ashamed of themselves,” said Kenney on May 29.

Spraypainting Koran verses

Each time the vandals have hit the mosque, they refer to a different verse in the Koran.

The verse mentioned in this attack suggests that Muslims should not have relations with Jews or Christians, but Mosque president Mehmet Deger says the verse is being taken out of its historical context.

“They are trying to take us back 1500 years ago, these people. We do not agree with them. We have very peaceful relations with Jews and Christians,” said Deger.

Imam Ahmad Shafaat says mosque has spent $4,000 on the frequent graffiti removal.

“It’s bothering us a lot, and it’s costing us a lot,” said Shafaat.

To add further insult, this latest act of vandalism comes toward then end of the holy month of Ramadan.

On Sunday, muslim families will gather at the mosque to celebrate Eid, the festival that ends the month-long period of fasting.

“Just before our holiday they attacked, so they are trying their best to hurt us,” said Deger.

Willing to talk

But despite the graffiti, the mosque’s religious leader is still willing to sit down with the vandal.

Imam Shafaat says he would welcome the chance to discuss Islam.

“It is an act of violence that you’re doing. If there is some issue that you have, why not come forward and discuss it?

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11 thoughts on “An interesting take on vandalism. (from Sept 19 2009)

  1. I figured this would happen eventually…
    “They are trying to take us back 1500 years ago, these people. We do not agree with them. We have very peaceful relations with Jews and Christians,”

    perhaps… for now…
    “As it can be clearly seen, the Jews and Christians mentioned above are those ‘who take your religion for a mockery and a joke.’
    In view of the above explanation, I believe these verses should not be taken to be a general directive of our relationship with Jews and Christians. Instead our relationship with the people of other faiths should only be avoided when it becomes harmful for Muslims, and otherwise we should feel free to enjoy a comfortable relationship with our Jew and Christian brothers and sisters.”

    So, muslims can be friends with Christians who don’t think Jesus is God, and Jews who don’t think Issac existed…


  2. I think it was Voltire (sp?) who came up with the idea of civil disobedience, according to him an evil law must be disobeyed at all possible times, but since you are breaking the law and the rule of law must be upheld you must be punished for breaking the law. Yes this act shows the Moslems that not everyone is buying their bull, but if caught the vandal should be punished. Most people don’t follow the full theory of civil disobedience anymore, they thing they shouldn’t be punished for breaking the law.

  3. Richard,

    Paper sign and masking tape (saves paint)

    message sent using their own perfect words, no expensive cleanup that deserves arrest…

    Martin Luther used a nail… of course, he didn’t have 3M’s awesome products…

    I am not endorsing anything, just saying that no person should ever be arrested for taking care not to damage property will still exercising the technical right to free expression…

    If it’s their own violent words in context, then muslims risk putting the qu’ran on trial by complaining to the police or human hate commissions…

    So, if the dumb ass doing the vandalism is reading this, why don’t you print out the Team B report on Sharia in America and distribute it as widely as you can… Perhaps if the Report is not availible in Quebecois, you could translate it as well…

  4. I am not going to advocate anything either, I was just pointing out the full philosophy of civil disobedience, but if anyone is going to do something like this the paper and tape are a good idea, and so is wearing gloves so you don’t leave any fingerprints, and be sure to check for surveillance cameras before you do anything.

  5. I thought the Koran was eternal. Oh silly me when it suits muslims it is eternal. Most of the time it it taken out of context. In any case, we have arrived at a new concept it seems. Koran graffiti. And who would have thought that a verse from the Koran would not be welcome in mosque. When it is in graffiti form. I propose the artist turn to pigs now. He should organise the pigs kindly into wooden pens shaped like the koran verse in question and photograph it from a plane. It is still a verse from the Koran with the creatures of allah doing their duty to that most “sacred” of tomes. Alternativley a cheaper version featuring pork sausages could be done in the kitchen.

  6. You know what is interesting? You can have your whole house robbed, your car taken, everything of value taken from you and the police will not take fingerprints in Canada. Hell you will be lucky if you even get a visit from them and that is after a lifetime of paying exorbitant taxes. But spray paint 2 numbers on a mosque….

  7. “It’s bothering us a lot, and it’s costing us a lot,” said Shafaat.

    To add further insult, this latest act of vandalism comes toward then end of the holy month of Ramadan.


    Ramadan eh? Would that be the time of fasting, after which Muslims are enjoined to slay etc

    Surah 9, ayah 5, the book says, when the sacred months are over, slay the idolaters wherever you find them. Arrest them, besiege them and lie in ambush everywhere for them.”

    No wonder these type of surahs are so hurtful.

  8. Mazar Khan, “It’s hurtful. It’s damaging to the sentiments of the people who attend the mosque, and also damaging to normal human beings.”
    I absolutely hate the way these muzzies turn everything around so that they can whine and whine through LIES (Taqqiya – look it up on the Religion of Peace web site) and make it look like they are the victims. They are not the victims – how can they be victims if they bring about these things by their lying and actions around the world?
    Hello, Khan – do you ever think about the many, many, probably thousands of ordinary people whose sentiments are being damaged world wide by the bizarre, psychologically deranged, mental and barbarous acts of islam and its followers?
    Hello, Khan – do you and your like ever think about the damage to thousands of people and their lives by the pernicious and abhorrent acts of muslims around the world?
    You can take your whining and shove it up where the sun don’t shine. Just realize that it’s happening now again and again in the west (and Europe) because ordinary peace-loving citizens are finally becoming aware of the filthy and dangerous acts done upon them by the followers of the pedophile prohet – who also happened to be an unlawful and ignorant mass murderer and Bedu barbarian.
    So, take your whining and go back to the God-forsaken hell-hole from which you came.

  9. They don’t take prints down here unless it is a murder, rape, or some hate crime, since this is a hate crime prints will be taken.

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