Hudson Inst. The Beginning of the End of European Multiculturalism

The attempt to get native Germans to live peacefully side-by-side with foreigners has not worked. In an unprecedented admission that is sure to transform the debate in Germany (and in Europe as a whole), over uncontrolled mass immigration, especially from Muslim countries, German Chancellor Angela Merkel now concedes that German multiculturalism has “failed utterly.”

Speaking to a meeting of her center-right Christian Democratic Union (CDU) party in Potsdam outside Berlin on October 16, Merkel said: “We are a country which at the beginning of the 1960s actually brought [Muslim] guest workers to Germany. Now they live with us and we lied to ourselves for a while, saying that they will nott stay and that they will have disappeared again one day. That is not the reality. This multicultural approach—saying that we simply live side by side and are happy about each other—this approach has failed, failed utterly.”

Merkel’s sobering comments follow the publication in October of a survey by the Friedrich Ebert Foundation, a think tank linked to the center-left Social Democratic Party [SPD], which found that 55% of Germans believe that Arabs are “unpleasant,” and over 33% believe the country is being “overrun” by immigrants. The study also noted that “far-right attitudes” are not isolated at the extremes of German society, but to a large degree “at the center of it.”

The debate over what to do about Germany’s broken immigration system has been simmering for years, but began in earnest in August, when Thilo Sarrazin, a prominent German banker, and also a long-time member of the SPD, published a controversial new book titled “Germany Does Away With Itself.” The book broke Germany’s long-standing taboo on discussing the impact of Muslim immigration by highlighting painful truths about the current state of affairs.

At the time, Merkel sought to distance herself from Sarrazin’s views and called for his dismissal from the German Central Bank. In a September 3 interview with the Turkish daily Hurriyet, for example, Merkel labelled as “ridiculous” Sarrazin’s view that there were too many immigrants, particularly Muslims, in Germany, and that their presence was damaging the country. She also told Germans they must get used to mosques as part of Germany’s changing landscape.

But pressure from within the CDU over integration may now be prompting Merkel to take a tougher line on immigration. Disastrous opinion polls and right-wing dissatisfaction with her perceived “left-wing” conservatism have led to an open discussion about an early replacement for Germany’s first woman leader.

In any event, Sarrazin’s concerns over Muslim integration are resonating with the German population at large, and politicians like Merkel are taking note. Sarrazin’s book has topped the bestseller list on bookseller Amazon’s German website since its publication, and book tour dates across the country are sold out. Polls show broad public support for Sarrazin’s anger that many Muslim immigrants shut themselves off from Germany, do not speak German and do not share the German or Western worldview.

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7 thoughts on “Hudson Inst. The Beginning of the End of European Multiculturalism

  1. And the resistance begins, this is the real beginning of the West starting to fight back against the Moslems, this very true statement will be the start of the end of the Socialist dream of a new neo-feudal world government with them as the nobles and royals. Just as Obummer is destroying the lefts hold on the American government Merkel’s statements will lead to the breaking of the hold the left has on the European governments. The struggle will be long and at times freedom will lose ground but the movement away from slavery and towards freedom has started in Europe and America.

  2. multiculturalism has spawned many perverse, unintended, consequences, for example the creation of competing ‘victim’ groups and the ideological terrorism of the thought police, both of which have taken such a hold in the UK public sector. However, I feel rather sorry for people of non-Christian faiths such as Sikhs and Hindus, who in my experience present no threat at all and don’t seem to ask for, or expect, special treatment. Its possible they too are deeply worried about Islam, for that is where the real problems lie.

  3. Chancellor Merkel now states that multiculturalism has failed. Whether multiculturalism has failed or not, is not an important issue any more. MC turned out to be a useful vehicle for Muslims to embed themselves in all institutions of society, and to that end it worked well. Its all old hat, and Merkel was stating something that is way past its useful date.

    It is now going to be very difficult to stop the Islamisation of the West. But it can still be done without sacrificing our principles of tolerance.

  4. Multiculturalism was a huge success.

    Its just that European Christian peoples are waking up to the fact, that it sucks, and is in fact another word for Anti European-Christianism. Dismepowering themselves and empowering all “Others” over themselves.

  5. You can have religious freedom without having multiculturalism, the only thing you have to stop is one religion deciding to force everyone to join them. We currently have two religions doing this, the first is Marxism (it has its saint, deity and holy books) and the second is Islam. Non of the other religions try and force conversion and their followers (at least in the US) show a marked willingness to assimilate. The latter is what is necessary to have a successful nation, all immigrants must assimilate into the base culture.

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