Video of Syrian school children, and corporal punishment.

I take back half of what i said about Mrs. Brown back at public school. H/T EncompassedRunner

nocensorshit | September 20, 2010

This video showing torture of Syrian elementary schoolchildren has triggered an outcry in Syria and calls for the disciplining of the two teachers involved.

A Facebook group, called “Help us to identify the two teachers who have tortured our children”, about this has already garnered 2764 members thus far and many are calling for the identification and punishment of the two teachers depicted in the video viciously beating pupils on their hands and feet with a stick.

Because of the tremendous popular outrage, the Syrian government is beginning to address this issue seriously for the first time. The Ministry of Education has promised to help identify the teachers by sending delegates from the Ministry of Education to every elementary school in Syria with pictures from the video to help them recognize the suspects.

However, many Syrians believe that the government’s response is merely for show, and “the corporal punishment depicted in the video is everywhere in Syria, and is a policy of the Syrian regime to raise children with a culture of fear from the day they start their schooling,” a Syrian dissidents who prefers to remain anonymous said. “It’s funny that the government hasn’t identified the teachers yet; if two teachers criticized Assad, it would take the government less than two hours to verify the identity of the suspects. But the Syrian government doesn’t really care about corporal punishment on Syrian school children. Syrian prisons apply crueler punishments against political prisoners every day, so I think the governmental response was only a decoration.”

The Facebook group can be found here

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7 thoughts on “Video of Syrian school children, and corporal punishment.

  1. If you listen carefully you can,of course,hear the teachers talk incessantly
    about Allah and their right to punish the children as they see fit.
    Muslims are insane…

  2. Muslims fear anyone who they deem to be an authority figure, usually someone whom any cleric or imam supports.

    This is but one example of sharia law in action and if we don’t step up our efforts to stop it, it will arrive in the free world sooner than we expect.

  3. This is sick, spanking is a form of punishment, if, I repeat if you don’t use real hard objects and permanently scare the kids, but hitting them on he soles of the feat of he hands. Those areas of the body have more nerve endings then any other areas of the body, this is truly torture and not dicipline.

  4. Hitting the soles of the feet is a punishment that dates back to the Middle Ages in the Muslim world, perhaps even to pre-Muslim times in Arabia.
    Education in the Muslim World is one giant step backward.

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