When Muslims are a majority in non-Muslim lands. German high schools…

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25 thoughts on “When Muslims are a majority in non-Muslim lands. German high schools…

  1. Look at the relative toughness levels of the Muslim and German boys. The German boys are thin or pudgy, while the Muslims are all rippling with muscles and swaggering like wise guys – every night they lift weights and box. And, of course, if you do get the best of one of them, you’re dealing with twenty the next day. Those Muslim boys display a level of pure machismo that is only matched by their contempt. Each one of them is Atilla the Hun. At least they’re honest about it: they consider the German girls to be sluts, and the German boys to be gutless faggot bitches. I’d be really scared to go to that school.

  2. The irony is that apart from the Dutch, and maybe the Scandinavians, the only other country I see that is an ally in the war with Islam vs. Everyone Else, are the Germans.

    They are the technologically advanced society there and have a history of self-imposed dilligence and will-power to go all the way.

    Apparently Germany is Israel’s best friend in the EU. But their “ausland Direcktor” or “Arse Direcktor” Guido Westerwelle is just as capable of UK PM Cameron to fall on all fours when it comes to the turks.

    I will email you a link to Tagesthemen.com with a video of him speaking to a Turkish Govt official a la Cameron.

  3. comment on first message chris jones; your right about the thin and pudgy looks from the german boys on the shortfilms, but i know a lot of white european boys who arent look like that at all!!
    its just a very supervisual glimp, and a cultural masochistic tendency to portraye germans like that.
    a lot of thin, pudgy, inbride and ugly bastards amongst moslims!
    they (the moslims) are just playing blufpoker!
    if we really wood stand up and crush them in groups like they do, they cry like pigs!

  4. I agree with Wilco. I could show you hundreds of the thin inbred losers at the weekly death to america rallies in Tehran. People like this are the norm in the third world hell holes of Allah and his peado prophet. Coming to the West, however, I do believe they are very fond of gym culture and that is a fact. Even some of the smallest people like Bangladeshies can be found at the gym on a regular basis. I went to a gym recently and the guy was this guy who was obviously Bangladeshi but he was pumped up like crazy. Even his grip was too powerful. But back home in Bangladesh they are like match sticks.

  5. Muslims cause problems everywhere they go. I have no sympathy for Germany or any other country. Muslims want to take and take and take and make everything like the countries they left. If they want things to be “like home” then stay home. Most countries don’t want muslms in them. If muslism want to stay apart, good for them. Stay apart…in your own countries!!!!!

  6. Asaf:

    Please read Sam Solomons excellent book, The Hidden Trojan Horse, on Islamic immigration. I think you will find it explains perfectly why its crucial for Muslims to go outside their own countries and transform the rest of the world into the same shitholes they left behind.

  7. The schoolteacher in the films needs to study islam in an effort to understand the cultural divide between islam and the rest of the world. When one of the kids said that Germans are shit he was speaking what islam teaches him from their koran.

    If the teacher truly understands islam then she would know that islam and the christian western world will never get along. Germany, by inviting muslim immigransts invites cultural suicide because Germany and islam cannot exist side by side. One will rule and the other will die-guess who will rule?????

  8. wow, thanks for posting this. we kaffurs must stop kissing these muslims’ asses before we get any respect. muslims believe in peace thru strength. i applaud the german lads bravery. europe is fucked.

  9. muslims cant defend thier rapist prophet through dialogue. they must resort to violence to silent those on to their “religion”. goddamn, thats alot like communists. the new enemy of the earth is communists and their islamic allies. what do communists think will happen to them when islamists establish a caliphate! they will be forced to say the shahada or have their head sawed off.

  10. I believe the German people will let them go just so far. They will give them enough rope to hang themselves. Then when the time comes the Germans will crush them like the cockroach’s that they are.

  11. Multi-Culti is a joke perpetrated by the elite, the Kazarized German elite, to destroy their own middle-class and working-class for whom they have nothing but disdain. The German people don’t want their lands inundated from outsiders. The elite are bringing them in. The question is not even why. It’s too obvious. The question is: When Will The German (and the other Europeans) Finally Throw Their Elite And Their Quisling Puppets Out?

  12. It is only a matter of time – not long either – before the beheadings, and torture, begins in Germany of the Christians and other non-moslems. Just like in Lebanon, Kosovo, Africa, Southeast Asia, etc – everywhere and anywhere the moslems get a hold in the land. There is no tolerance in islam. We see how they tolerate others. NOT!

  13. Isn’t it ironic the moslems whine about being sterotyped, but they are the ones who are not only the worst racists, the most negative against the Germans who have taken them in and educate/feed them, call the German women whores and sluts, and are basically the most intolerant – but then they turn around and whine that they are portrayed in a negative light. Of course – NO moslems are changing the violence in islam. NONE of them are changing the sharia laws and the koran that is behind all the vilence. AND they SUPPORT their violent ones via zakat.

    And the moslems have a chance to get an education and most just don’t care about it – which shows us that when they get control (because it is a matter of time if the Germans don’t get a handle on this problem) they will become another moslem junk hole.

  14. Why doesn’t the school system take out the obvious gang leader – becasue that is what this is all about – gangs, and reeducate him. Give the children a warning and let their parents know and if they don’t shape up then send them to a school with great restrictions for reeducating them to be better citizens.

    I don’t usually go for that type of thing, but we have such things as juvenile delinquents too and sometimes they need to be removed so the rest of the students can learn. If some students don’t want to learn then they can be put in remedial classes. Have the parents start paying for their brats too if special classes have to be set up for them. If their parents are the problem then eject their brat out of the system and tell them to take their brat elsewhere.

    Why isn’t something being done about this obvious problem? It is a danger and all that this is leading to is another hotbed of violence of moslems against non-moslems.

  15. I’m glad there is one country in Europe that is standing up to the Muslims.
    If anyone can do it, it is the Germans. I wish America would be as tough,
    eliminate political correctness. This is the only way. There will never be
    peace as we know it, unless we eliminate Islam.

  16. I wish someone has a copy of these videos. They were very telling for the purpose of putting Chancellor Angela Merkel’s comments about the failure of multiculturalism in context. I wanted to get them back into circulation but they have been taken down. Anyone who has a copy please advise or consider posting it on TruthTube or LiveLeak or something so we can keep them moving.

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