Iranian Mosque drops disguise and becomes a brothel

From Pajamas media.

Holy Shiite! Pious pilgrimage just got more exciting at Imam Reza’s shrine in Iran, where for a reasonable fee (see price list below) a mullah can join any eager pilgrim in holy matrimony of “temporary marriage” with his choice of a lovely, fully hijabed, and properly veiled prostitute for a period between 5 hours to 10 days. Pedophiles welcome: girls as young as 12 years of age are standing by. Not to worry, the mullahs got them covered: all “temps” under 14 must show a written consent from their fathers or male guardians (no doubt on advice from the recently fired, now freelancing ACORN specialists).

We are not making this up.

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2 thoughts on “Iranian Mosque drops disguise and becomes a brothel

  1. Islam permits all male followers to exercise their most base vices with the approval of religious authorities.

    It appeals to the lowest forms of human male instincts, and never lets up until Muslim men are dead and buried.

    What in other world faiths are not permitted, Islam permits. Islam typically inverts ethics and morals which are common to people all over the world and justifies it with the example of its founder, who was insane.

    In a related story, several years ago, Iranian clerics were allowing men to “marry” girls as young as 9 for a symbolic one-hour “marriage” which were then dissolved. As usual, the clerics were paid for this child prostitution. (I would have to dig up the reference, but it exists.)

  2. I have been writing on Iranian issues for years. I am the editor of Weekly Blitz, the only anti-Jihadist newspaper published in Bangladesh with both print and online edition.

    I read the story about prostitution and brothels in Iran at the ‘Holye Shrine of Imam Reza. The shrine authorities distributed a flyer with the aim of drawing attention of your females into prostitution in the name of Mut’ah Marraige or Segheh [Marriage for Minutes]. It even offers special ‘bonus’ for virgin girls for ‘removal of their hymen’. I have written a comprehensive article on this issue. You can read this in Weekly Blitz.
    I also request people in Iran or Iranians abroad, who are supporting democracy and opposition the Mullah Regime, to please send me information, scoop on anything in Iran.

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