This whole problem can be solved with a common household product

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4 Responses to This whole problem can be solved with a common household product

  1. Heeee says:

    Good! Liked the Bayer clone.

  2. Gary Rumain says:

    Oh, those poor arselifters! It must be very painful for them to sit down.

  3. Dymphna says:

    I saw your collaboration on TT. Definitely a good one.
    But you guys need to come up with a medication for the bruises they get pounding their heads into the ground as they lift their rear ends into the air.

    I’m serious. A big bruise smack dab on the forehead is a sign of devotion. Kind of like the ashes Catholics get on Ash Wednesday, only more painful and permanent.

    I wonder about the long-term brain damage to these guys. I’d love to see some brain scans from men who’ve been whomping their heads on the floor repeatedly, five times a day, for twenty years. Don’t you wonder if there is a higher incidence of, say, dementia or seizure patterns for the holiest of the lot?

  4. Gary Rumain says:

    Dymphna, you may be onto something there. And staring at other men’s arses 5 times a day can’t be doing them much good either.

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